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October 8 2014

Late fees have now been abolished

PostedWednesday October 8th 2014

As part of our continued campaign to cut the red tape, today we have removed the fee that our customers have told us annoys them the most. The dreaded “overdue invoice” fee has now been removed and will no longer be applied to overdue invoices.

We have also revised our credit management strategy and from next month we will be changing the times in which invoices are generate and become due and when reminder notices are sent out to give our customers more notice of an invoice being generated and more time to arrange payment.

NEW! 45 days before renewal date – We will be sending a new notice to our cPanel and VPS hosting customers that a renewal is coming up and to look out for an invoice. This is a perfect chance for customers to review the usage of their service and consider changing plans or billing cycles.

IMPROVED! 14 days before renewal date – Invoice will be generated and the due date is the renewal date.

3 days before the due date – If there is a credit card stored on file we will attempt to charge the credit card. This allows customers extra time to make alternate arrangements if the credit card payment fails.

2 days before due date – A reminder will be sent advising that the due date is two days away.

Due date – The invoice is due and should be paid on or before this date.

2 days after due date – An overdue notice will be sent advising that the invoice is now overdue and payment should be made immediately.

5 days after due date – A second overdue notice will be sent advising that the invoice remains unpaid and that suspension of the service will take place in 2 days if the invoice remains unpaid.

7 days after due date – The service will be suspended and a third notice will be sent advising that due to the invoice being unpaid the service has been suspended and full payment will be required in order to have the service unsuspended. The notice will also advise that if payment is not received within the next 23 days the service will be terminated and any data associated with the service will be removed.

30 days after due date – The service is terminated.

Any customer who is experiencing difficulty paying their invoice before the due date should contact our Billing department via eTicket to request an invoice extension, and Lisa and her team will do everything possible to personalise an arrangement that suits you and your budget. While this is something that we could automate and put in to VIPControl, we prefer to handle this sensitive matter with a more personal touch to ensure our customers are offered a solution that works for them.

We look forward to bringing our customers a more streamlined service with further changes that will be announced over the coming weeks.

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