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Chief Executive Officer




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Clean Freak
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Supreme Management Skills

Managing 60+ staff at VentraIP Australia without breaking a sweat


Has been known to talk a lot


Loves learning how new things work and is easily hooked on new topics

Tell us a bit about how VentraIP Australia got started

I used to work for Cheyne part time at Jumba, but about 6 months into my business management traineeship the company was sold. I ended up working in Canberra (for the acquiring company) for a few months before deciding to go back to finish school since things weren’t heading in the direction I felt comfortable with. When I was finishing up my year 12 studies Cheyne reached out and proposed an opportunity to lead a new business with him. I came on board when the company was a couple of months old and worked while I was studying. 


The year after I continued studying (and working!), and was completing my Graduate Diploma of Arts, majoring in Commercial Radio, right when VentraIP was taking off in a big way so I ended up having to choose between the two. As you can see, I decided to stick with VentraIP Australia!


What is your favourite place that you’ve travelled? Is there anywhere you’d like to go?


I have Italian heritage so it would be great to head over to Europe and see the family history. I’d love to visit the village my grandfather grew up in which is in Sicily.


In terms of my favourite places though, I really love Fiji. It is just a great place to switch off and relax which is rare for me as I am a bit of a go go go type of person. I also love the history of Fiji and the contrast between the real Fiji and the highly Western-ised resorts. Really puts everything in perspective for you.


What were you doing before VentraIP Australia?


I was studying to work in commercial radio right before. In terms of my first job, I was 14 and 9 months when I started working at New Zealand Natural Ice Creamery. I am a bit of a clean freak so working there was a chance to channel that in a way. Once I left that job I went on to work at Aldi while I was studying until eventually getting to VentraIP.


Tips for anyone starting a business?


You just have to go for it, back yourself and stay true to what you envision your business to be. Don’t be afraid to stick to your goals even when you are making mistakes or going through hardships. Mistakes are bound to happen, but trusting yourself is a huge part of running a business. 


Even when you think there is no help out there, just remember that there are always resources available, you just have to find them. Employees, payroll, HR, contracts, there is no definitive guide out there on how it has to be done. Just use your resources and develop the best system for your business. To sum it all up, trust your self-knowledge but also seek advice and understand it.


What is the best part of the VentraIP Australia office?


Knowing that all of our staff and my team are happy and taken care of is definitely the best part of it. Having an environment where everyone is happy and together creates a flow-on effect that results in greater customer service. The biggest shareholders for me are my customers and the only way to ensure that they are getting taken care of is to take care of our team. 


A great example I want to bring up is when one of our team members asked if they could use the boardroom to play Dungeons and Dragons with some of the other employees. The fact that they wanted to come in and use the space at work really sums up all I need to know about what we have created here at VentraIP Australia.