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August 20 2018
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"Das ist Gutenberg" - Making WordPress Easier Than Ever

PostedMonday August 20th 2018

If you’re an avid WordPress user – stop what you’re doing and read this blog post!

The world’s largest content management system (CMS) is about to get a massive overhaul with the release of update 4.9.8 and Gutenberg, the official WordPress drag-and-drop tool that’s set to make editing and enhancing your website a breeze.


Online presence is critical for the modern business,  especially for those who rely on their website as a source of sustainable income. For many people, time and ability can be a constraint when it comes to building a website using raw code, which is why having access to a content creation tool that takes the complexity out of creating a website is absolutely essential.

Let’s be honest, we can’t all be expert web developers who can write custom code as if it were our own names, and many of us simply don’t have the time to learn this invaluable skill. Fortunately, Gutenberg is here to help those with limited time to create a website full of rich multimedia content including photos, videos, and even audio podcasts!

How does Gutenberg help me create content?

There are several reasons why Gutenberg may benefit you, one of the major reasons being the introduction of ‘content blocks’.



Long gone are the days where HTML and CSS rule, as we usher in the era of drag and drop images and content with the click of a button.

WordPress was long scrutinised for its lack of intuitiveness for novice developers, but these blocks will now allow you to style, move or insert multimedia content like images, or cover photos, simply with one drag, rather than writing custom code.

Writing content is the easy part, constructing the layout of your website with respect to your images, widgets, plugins, embedded content and subheadings is core for the aesthetic eye. Ultimately, having the freedom to drag and drop your content into blocks and place them around your website – it couldn’t be easier to create a stunning website.

Gutenberg is also open-source, which is a developer’s guilty pleasure. This means that all of the source code is publicly available, allowing for the code to be modified to fit the particular needs of those who use it. This allows Gutenberg to constantly change for the better and whilst it is still early days, the plugin is set to make big BIG changes, with this process being expedited by consistent updates and bug fixes.

I’m happy with my existing website, do I have to use Gutenberg?

switching to gutenbergIf you already have a high-tailored existing website and are confused as to what this means for you – don’t fret. The classic editor of WordPress will still be available as a plugin, so if you prefer the old-school content creation style, you’ll be able to continue doing so without any issues.

Eventually, WordPress is hoping to phase out this old, classic editor by default, but the aim of Gutenberg is to progress and evolve WordPress, not make your existing website obsolete, so you will have ample time to make the transition if you so wish to do so.

Technology is constantly progressing, and the introduction of Gutenberg is just another step towards revolutionising website customisation. If you have ever felt concerned about using WordPress, now is a better time than ever to get it installed and give it a go.

It is an exciting time for a content management system that has several competitors, and in a world where simplicity rules, this is certainly a step in the right direction.

Getting started with WordPress is as simple as a one-click install through one of our shared hosting plans. Grab yours today!

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