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Changing the Primary domain on a Reseller cPanel sub-account hosting service
Updated Friday July 14th 2017 / Category Domain Names

At any time you are allowed to update the primary domain on any of your cPanel hosting services within your reseller account, this is all done within VIPControl.

  • After logging in select Manage My Hosting (The large purple button on the left)
  • Select the blue cog (Actions) next to your desired service
  • Select Change sub-account domain under Maintenance

You should then see the below where you can select the account to modify apply your new desired domain name for the service.

There are some requirements to this in regards to the domain you wish to use, these are:

  • The domain cannot already exist on the DNS cluster – Meaning it cannot be an Addon or Parked domain on any existing account.
  • You need to acknowledge that by changing the primary domain name on this account the current domain name will cease to function (ie, email, website, etc.)

If you have any problems completing this process just pop an eTicket through to Technical support.


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