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How about my domain names that I had with IntaServe?
Updated Tuesday November 8th 2016 / Category IntaServe

For the moment your domain names will be continued to managed through the existing IntaServe portal.

Customers with .au domain names that are with IntaServe’s auDA accreditation will be automatically and seamlessly moved to Synergy Wholesale, VentraIP’s wholesale division, and email notices will be sent to registrants informing them of the transfer very soon.

Customers with domain names at legacy providers used by IntaServe will continue to manage these domain names through the IntaServe portal, but we will be encouraging customers to transfer their domain names to VentraIP Australia as soon as possible.

It’s important to note that these changes will not impact any services you have tied to your domain name (such as email or web hosting services) and these will continue to function as per normal.

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