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How can CNAME, A or TXT records be edited within cPanel?
Updated Friday August 14th 2020 / Category DNS

If you’re using the VentraIP cPanel web hosting nameservers, you may wish to edit your CNAME, A or TXT records contained within your DNS zone. To do this:

  1. Login to your cPanel service.
  2. Click on the Zone Editor.
  3. Click Manage to the right of the domain you wish to edit.
  4. Here you may select to edit or delete any existing records.

Please be aware that DNS records edited in here only work if the VentraIP cPanel web hosting nameservers are being used; if any other nameservers are being used on the domain these records will not be applicable.

When DNS records are adjusted please allow up to 24 hours for DNS to propagate.

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