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We are aware of some customers receiving a fraudulent email claiming to be VentraIP Australia. Please do not open the link in this email, and mark it as spam immediately. If you have clicked the link in the email and entered your details, please update your VIPControl password immediately. Read More
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How can I see who accessed my VentraIP account?
Updated Thursday January 28th 2021 / Category VIPControl

How do I view the login history?

If you do suspect that someone else has accessed your account then it is important to check your login history. This can be done via My Account (top right)  > Login History on the left menu under Security.

NOTE: If you notice any IP addresses that you do not match those you use, then you will definitely want to change your password. Not sure what your IP address is? Simply search ‘What’s my IP Address in Google and it will tell you!

Resetting your password

If you believe that your VIPControl account may have been compromised then there are multiple ways to reset your account password.

  1. Changing password in VIPControl: Simply click on My Account > Select the Change Password button.
  2. Resetting your password from the login page:
  3. Feel free to give us a call on 13 24 85 and we can change your password over the phone after verifying your identity.
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