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How do I claim my BONUS SMS credits?
Updated Thursday November 10th 2016 / Category VIPControl

If you have purchased an Economy, Business, WHM Multi Hosting service or a VPS with us, you’re eligible to claim BONUS Online SMS Credits, complimentary with your service! The Online SMS system is commonly used for businesses who send out SMS Notifications to their customers.

1. Log into your VIPControl account and click Shared Hosting and then Manage.

2. Click the blue cog button on the right of the hosting service you wish to claim your SMS Credits.

3. Click SMS Credit Claim in the dropdown which appears. This may vary in looks, depending on what sort of service you have with us.


4. The next page will tell you how many credits you may be entitled for. Click Claim SMS Credits to claim these.


5. You can now send Single or Group SMS’ using our Online SMS system! You can view your balance at any time on the VIPControl homepage.

Please note: Custom Sender IDs may be used upon approval. 

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