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How do I set up automatic payments?
Updated Friday March 4th 2022 / Category Accounts

At this stage, we currently do not offer the ability to set up automatic payments using PayPal, BPAY or EFT Bank Transfer. If your default payment method has been set to use either of these, you’ll need to pay your invoice manually.

Enabling automatic payments

  1. Log in to VIPControl.
  2. Click Billing in the top right of this page.
  3. Under Payment Methods -> Credit Card you will see your stored credit card.
    If there is not one listed, you’ll be able to add your Credit/Debit Card by clicking
    Add Credit Card.
  4. Next, tick the Make Credit Card my default payment method checkbox and click Update. 

If you have any domain names with us

If you want your domain name registrations to automatically renew, you will need to opt-in to Auto-Renew by toggling this ON from My Services Domain Management.

How you are billed automatically

Your invoice will generate in an “unpaid” state as usual. Once the invoice is close to its due date (within 2 days), we will attempt to charge the credit card on file.

If you have an expired or invalid card, we will notify you via email if the payment fails.

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