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What is a self-managed VPS?
Updated Wednesday November 1st 2017 / Category VPS

A self-managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a service which includes no server management from our side. We will manage the network and the hardware which your VPS relies upon, but anything within your virtual instance (your operating system, control panel and any files) fall outside the realms of our ongoing support and maintenance.

In the event you have an issue facing anything contained within your VPS, including your VPS crashing, it’s something you or your server administrator will need to troubleshoot and resolve. If you have a cPanel based VPS with ourselves, you can purchase a management day pass which will enable our technical support team to troubleshoot and resolve operating system, cPanel and basic module problems; this support does not extend to script development and troubleshooting.

If there is an issue affecting the hardware or network (excluding misconfiguration within your VPS), we will troubleshoot and resolve such problems.

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