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Advanced (13 Articles) See all
Using LiteMage Cache on my Magento StoreHow do I enable OPCode Caching on my hosting service?How do I use PHP Selector to customise PHP on my web hosting?
Backups (4 Articles) See all
Why is my web based offsite backup script failing?How do I restore a cPanel backup?How do I take a backup of my cPanel hosting service?
DNS (6 Articles) See all
How do I customise my MX records within cPanel?How can CNAME, A or TXT records be edited within cPanel?How can CNAME, A or TXT records be created within cPanel?
Domains (3 Articles) See all
How do I create a Parked Domain in my cPanel?How do I create an Addon Domain in my cPanel?What are addon and parked domains?
Email (26 Articles) See all
(Android) Mail App SetupWindows Mail Email Software SetupOutlook for Mac Email Software Setup
File Management (11 Articles) See all
Where can I find my FTP Login Details?How do I enable SFTP access?How do I use the cPanel File Manager?
Logs (3 Articles) See all
My website is displaying errors; are there any error logs available?How do I view visitor statistics for my website?How do I view basic logs for the latest visitors to my website?
Migration (3 Articles) See all
How do I move from a WordPress.com blog to a WordPress install with VentraIP?My current host doesn’t use cPanel, how can I move my website to you?Can I migrate an existing cPanel service from another provider to VentraIP?
MySQL (4 Articles) See all
Is it possible to export a MySQL database?Is it possible to import MySQL data?Is remote MySQL access supported?
Security (10 Articles) See all
Let’s EncryptHow may I password protect web directories/folders?How do I setup a green address bar with an SSL Certificate for my clients?
Troubleshooting (13 Articles) See all
What is a traceroute and how do I complete one?How do I access your 24/7 telephone support?How do I troubleshoot high resource usage reported by Cloud Linux / Resource Usage in cPanel?