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Our Partners

In March 2012 we have become an official partner of CloudFlare.

VentraIP Australia has partnered with CloudFlare to open up a range of new options for website owners, including their Content Delivery Network (CDN) facilities. CDNs’ allow website owners to improve the speed of their website and availability of their website, by off-loading data to globally redundant server locations.

CloudFlare doesn’t just stop there… They bring forth new technologies which, at this time, other CDNs’ are unable to provide. These additional features include:


  • Mitigating website attacks
  • Improve performance through dynamic content modification
  • Deliver applications to your website
  • Provide analytic tools to assess your traffic
  • Automatically determine objects which are static and cacheable, without the need for user input
  • Bridge the gateway between IPv4 and IPv6
Our Partnership

Our partnership with CloudFlare brings some of these dynamic and powerful tools right into your cPanel experience. Making it quick, simple and easy to get going. Our aim is to help our website owners develop the fastest and best performing dynamic websites they can, and we feel this can be achieved through CloudFlare integration.

Click here to find out more about CloudFlare and here for further definition of their services.