Supercharging servers with LiteSpeed

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The Australian web hosting market is highly competitive and there’s a continuous demand for product and service innovation. At the beginning of 2012 VentraIP set out to find a means of improving our hosting service offering for Business and WHM Mutli Reseller services, to supercharge the performance of our servers and deliver an increasingly reliable service. During this time one of the solutions immediately recognised was that of LiteSpeed web server with its ability to deliver raw speed and something our competitors were not offering; allowing VentraIP to become the first Australian cPanel web host to power our servers with LiteSpeed Web Server and set a trend for other providers to follow.


Today VentraIP is a LiteSpeed Technologies Partner and we have recently announced that we are bringing this service improvement to all Economy servers as well. The quality and performance of the LiteSpeed product is backed by cPanel’s commitment in June 2014 to provide official support for the Apache replacement product; re-enforcing that we made the best choice possible for our clients, in 2012, to become Australia’s first cPanel web host to deliver LiteSpeed.

The implementation of LiteSpeed on Business and WHM Multi Reseller services to date has helped us to improve our product delivery to ensure we meet the demands of our clients in a world where website performance is paramount. The implementation of the LiteSpeed Web Server product has delivered measurable performance improvements across our fleet when compared to the traditional Apache backend, representing greater than 50% increases in performance. In a nutshell this means that we can deliver your webpages to more of your clients and with greater speed, than a traditional Apache web host can. For you this means that our servers can facilitate a greater number of concurrent visitors to your website, which in turn translates to greater profit potential for your business.

To see the official benchmarks for static content please visit the LiteSpeed blog.

VentraIP Business Hosting

Having already received the benefits of LiteSpeed Web Server over the past 2 years, VentraIP is bringing you even greater enhancements to your service through cutting edge technology. In August we began the roll-out of our new DELL Cloud Based Hardware with Intel Enterprise SSD storage, and some lucky customers are already experiencing the benefits of this latest generation product. You can be guaranteed that with VentraIP we’re delivering on our promise of supplying only enterprise grade SSD drives (currently Intel DC3500), where some other providers will only use desktop consumer grade product! We refuse to compromise on performance and long-term reliability.

If you haven’t yet made the switch to VentraIP Business hosting, now is an excellent time to do so. You’ll enjoy the benefits of LiteSpeed Web Server and PHP 5.5 (improve your speed with OP Code caching), SSD driven DELL Cloud Hardware, 24/7 priority support plus much more.

LiteSpeed Available for Virtual Private Servers

We’ve recently added LiteSpeed licenses to our arsenal of VPS addons. If you have an existing VPS with VentraIP and you’re interested in installing LiteSpeed to improve your website performance, please get in touch with our Billing team. LiteSpeed licenses are available from just $19.95 per month.


VentraIP Business Web Hosting with cPanel delivers a quality, fast and reliable service which Australian businesses demand. Providing an optimised environment to support anything from a WordPress website through to a full blown Magento online store, VentraIP provides you with a service which allows you to spend more time working with your clients and less time worrying about your online services. Make the switch to a VentraIP Business Web Hosting service with cPanel today from just $24.95 per month.

Choosing the right hosting solution

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When you’re looking for a new web hosting solution for a brand new website or even for an existing one, what do you look for in determining if it’s the right solution for you? Whilst the immediate cost of the product may leap out at you and the basic features tick all the boxes, are you making the right decision short, medium and even long term?


Considerations to be made

Platform Features

This is the most immediately important component of any web hosting solution, do the included features line up with the specification sheet that you have for your website scripting platform? Most start up personal and small business websites will typically opt for an out of the box Content Management System (CMS) platform such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, and in those cases a web host who provides a Linux platform with the latest PHP and MySQL releases will be top of your pile. But what if you’re running something which is custom or perhaps different from those aforementioned CMS’s, do they require Windows with ASP, do they require Linux with a custom Apache module?

The best thing to do is check with your developer, or the developers of the script you’re using (see their website), to see what server specifications/features are required. Information is power and with those details you can provide the specifics to each prospective host so they can confirm suitability.


You want your new website to take off, and to do that it needs to be always online. When selecting your new web host make sure you’re looking at an appropriate pricing point which provides the level of service which you demand for your website. A $1 per month web hosting plan may suit the budget nicely, but if you’re expecting to make $1,000 a day in revenue through your website is it appropriate to spend just 0.003% of that on your primary earner? Spending just a little bit more on your web hosting service will typically see you placed on better hardware, platforms with greater optimisation, better client<>server contention ratios, improved support and the presence of service level agreements.

Secondly, make sure you choose a provider who has been in the industry for some time and is backed by a team with experience; this will ensure they have the experience to solve the problems which may be encountered and place appropriate investment into continuously improving the quality of service.


Your website may only need to support a small number of visitors and products today, but what about 6-12 months down the line? Moving services between providers as you grow may not be ideal, so choosing a provider who has a range of products may be your best option. Providers who offer a range of shared web hosting solutions to suit small start-ups all the way to small-medium businesses and then Virtual Private Server (VPS) solutions to provide growth opportunities, allow for flexibility and scalability as you grow. You should aim to have a long term relationship with your web host to save long term headaches, so choosing a provider who can meet your needs of today and tomorrow is critical. Ask your prospective provider what opportunities exist before you commit.


Final Remarks

With this knowledge now bestowed upon you, making the right decision for your online future make be a more time consuming task to reach but it will deliver the results your business demands. After all you wouldn’t want to make the mistake of launching a new website, only to have it crash on the first day because the right solution was not selected.

The VentraIP Group was formed in 2009 and is proud to be fully Australian owned and operated, providing services to over one hundred thousand Australian individuals and businesses. VentraIP is a name Australian’s can trust for reliable online solutions for web hosting, domain name registrations, virtual private servers and SSL certificates. With VentraIP you can build your online presence today with a product for tomorrow.

Starting from just $7.95 per month our Economy web hosting plans provide an excellent starting point for personal and start-up websites. For those who require increased reliability and speed, our Business web hosting plans start from just $24.95 per month featuring our latest and greatest SSD DELL Cloud Hardware solution, LiteSpeed web-server for amazingly fast page loads and 99.9% up-time guarantee providing a solid platform for you to thrive in the online world. VentraIP chooses cPanel for each of it’s shared web hosting products to provide reliability and ease of use to all clients, allowing you to spend less time managing your website and more time growing your business.

Finally we can assist you in scaling up with our VPS range starting from just $49.95 per month affording you the flexibility, stability and reliability that an ever growing business demands. If you are interested in any product or service offered by VentraIP Australia, please contact us on (03) 9013 8464 or see our Contact Us page.

Taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

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Today our Customer Service and Experience Manager Branden Colton, challenged our CEO Angelo Giuffrida, to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Even though the challenge has been mostly an American viral craze, Angelo accepted and made a donation to the Brain Foundation since ALS research is conducted all over the world. Below is the video of his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

Angelo has called out our Marketing Co-ordinator Natalie O’Grady, CEO of Servers Australia Jared Hirst, host of Sunrise David Koch, and our very own Ventrasaurus. Shortly after the nomination was made, Ventrasaurus accepted the challenge as seen below:

Ventrasaurus has called out Internode’s NodePony, HostGator’s Snappy, and host of “The Block” Scott Cam. VentraIP Australia has also made a donation to the Brain Foundation and we look forward to seeing who accepts the challenge!

Ventrasaurus and the amazing offers!

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The following is a public service announcement from our CEO:

At VentraIP Australia, research and development has always been a core focus of our business as we explore new initiatives and technology to help our customers and their businesses succeed.

As a company we recognise that the intense physical and mental toll on our technical team can often be understated, and we try to ensure that they have the best facilities available to them at all time which include a cafe-quality coffee machine, red bull, jelly snakes and Nandos.

However, when left unchecked these things have the potential to get out of hand and unfortunately this seems to be one of those cases.

While the full story is not yet known to us, what we do know is that a Dr. C. Panel, a leading genetic scientist, has been using members of our technical team to conduct his own research. Using a process known as the “Black Lotus effect”, Dr. Panel successfully spliced DNA from our technical team into that of an unknown prehistoric sample and were able to prevent the layer 7 gene from attacking the molecular structure.

Dr. Panel was then able to use what is known as a LiteSpeed photon ray gun to infuse the new DNA sample into Cadbury creme eggs that were leftover from Easter, and after a short incubation period the eggs begun to hatch.

As a result, our office is now overrun with hundreds of baby dinosaurs, aptly named Ventrasaurus, who all need new homes! Photos of them can be found on our Facebook page.

So in the spirit of giving we’ve decided to include them for FREE with the following special offers:

65% off new Economy, Business and WHM Multi hosting services

Purchase any new EconomyBusiness or WHM Multi cPanel hosting service and take 65% off the first invoice! Use coupon code VS65 when placing your order online. Valid for up to 2 years prepayment.

35% off new VPS services

Purchase any new Economy VPS or Business VPS service and take 35% off the first invoice! Use coupon codeVS35 when placing your order online. Valid for up to 1 year prepayment.

25% off new Trustwave SSL certificates

Purchase any new Trustwave SSL certificate for your web site and take 25% off! Use coupon code VS25 when placing your order online.

Bonus newTLD Offer

We now have more than 130 generic newTLD’s available to register on our web site, with more being added every week. Some of the most popular extensions include .bike, .cheap, .plumbing, .email, .gallery, .photos, .toys and .wtf, with .dental, .cash, .surgery and .tax and others being added this week.

As a special bonus offer, if you purchase any newTLD for 2 years or more we will give you a free Ventrasaurus! Simply use coupon code VSDOM when registering your new generic domain names for 2 years or more when placing your order online.

All of these offers are available until Sunday 31 August. You are free to use these offers as many times as you want but please note there is a limit of one Ventrasaurus per customer (they don’t play well in groups).ventrasaurus_promo_email