Taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

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Today our Customer Service and Experience Manager Branden Colton, challenged our CEO Angelo Giuffrida, to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Even though the challenge has been mostly an American viral craze, Angelo accepted and made a donation to the Brain Foundation since ALS research is conducted all over the world. Below is the video of his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

Angelo has called out our Marketing Co-ordinator Natalie O’Grady, CEO of Servers Australia Jared Hirst, host of Sunrise David Koch, and our very own Ventrasaurus. Shortly after the nomination was made, Ventrasaurus accepted the challenge as seen below:

Ventrasaurus has called out Internode’s NodePony, HostGator’s Snappy, and host of “The Block” Scott Cam. VentraIP Australia has also made a donation to the Brain Foundation and we look forward to seeing who accepts the challenge!

Ventrasaurus and the amazing offers!

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The following is a public service announcement from our CEO:

At VentraIP Australia, research and development has always been a core focus of our business as we explore new initiatives and technology to help our customers and their businesses succeed.

As a company we recognise that the intense physical and mental toll on our technical team can often be understated, and we try to ensure that they have the best facilities available to them at all time which include a cafe-quality coffee machine, red bull, jelly snakes and Nandos.

However, when left unchecked these things have the potential to get out of hand and unfortunately this seems to be one of those cases.

While the full story is not yet known to us, what we do know is that a Dr. C. Panel, a leading genetic scientist, has been using members of our technical team to conduct his own research. Using a process known as the “Black Lotus effect”, Dr. Panel successfully spliced DNA from our technical team into that of an unknown prehistoric sample and were able to prevent the layer 7 gene from attacking the molecular structure.

Dr. Panel was then able to use what is known as a LiteSpeed photon ray gun to infuse the new DNA sample into Cadbury creme eggs that were leftover from Easter, and after a short incubation period the eggs begun to hatch.

As a result, our office is now overrun with hundreds of baby dinosaurs, aptly named Ventrasaurus, who all need new homes! Photos of them can be found on our Facebook page.

So in the spirit of giving we’ve decided to include them for FREE with the following special offers:

65% off new Economy, Business and WHM Multi hosting services

Purchase any new EconomyBusiness or WHM Multi cPanel hosting service and take 65% off the first invoice! Use coupon code VS65 when placing your order online. Valid for up to 2 years prepayment.

35% off new VPS services

Purchase any new Economy VPS or Business VPS service and take 35% off the first invoice! Use coupon codeVS35 when placing your order online. Valid for up to 1 year prepayment.

25% off new Trustwave SSL certificates

Purchase any new Trustwave SSL certificate for your web site and take 25% off! Use coupon code VS25 when placing your order online.

Bonus newTLD Offer

We now have more than 130 generic newTLD’s available to register on our web site, with more being added every week. Some of the most popular extensions include .bike, .cheap, .plumbing, .email, .gallery, .photos, .toys and .wtf, with .dental, .cash, .surgery and .tax and others being added this week.

As a special bonus offer, if you purchase any newTLD for 2 years or more we will give you a free Ventrasaurus! Simply use coupon code VSDOM when registering your new generic domain names for 2 years or more when placing your order online.

All of these offers are available until Sunday 31 August. You are free to use these offers as many times as you want but please note there is a limit of one Ventrasaurus per customer (they don’t play well in groups).ventrasaurus_promo_email

Successful email design

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It’s important in any industry to get the right emails out to your clients every time, and this starts with email design. It doesn’t matter if you opt to custom build your email template, use a design off the shelf or even opt for a singular image template; you simply need to ensure it meets the needs of your clients and includes the required details. Here are some quick tips to meeting these needs.


Nice design

Nobody likes to look at a boring old email which doesn’t have any call to action. If your email design isn’t eye catching with direction as to what the client should do, then it’s possible the email will simply be ignored. Think for a moment of the number of emails you have received which were too dull you basically ignored, or on the opposite end of the spectrum were too cluttered with design elements that you ignored them?

Getting the balance right to have both an eye catching design without too many elements is a struggle, but well worth the trouble. If you’re worried about the balance of your new email design, run it by some impartial individuals to critique it.


Branding your email templates is essential. It absolutely must have your company logo front and centre to make your business identifiable, and if possible, continue the design on from your primary website design to add some continuity. By taking these steps you’re setting up some brand recognition which can only be a good thing.

Web Version

Not all email clients will correctly display all emails and some users will disable display images in their email client. The trick to working around this problem is to make a web version available for all emails you send. Include a link in the header of the email stating “View web version” and link them off to their web browser to view the email there. It may not be used all that often, but it adds flexibility.

Include business details

This is a must within Australia; always include your Business Name, ABN and as many contact details as possible. Not only are some of those details required under the Australian Electronic Transactions Act, but it helps build trust with those you are contacting.

Unsubscribe link

If it’s a marketing email this is a must. Not only are you required by the SPAM Act to allow clients to easily unsubscribe from marketing and promotional emails, but is it worth the trouble to make it difficult for your clients? Don’t make the process frustrating for your users.

Test it!

Don’t release untested email designs into the wild, that’s asking for an unprofessional label. Each email client is a different beast; from Thunderbird to Outlook, from GMail to Yahoo Mail, from iOS Mail to Windows Phone Mail, each email client has different standards and likes to display things differently. Before releasing your email templates into general production make sure you test them across all platforms (email application or web interface, operating system and device) to confirm they all look as they should. If you don’t readily have those available to you to test, try a service such as Litmus which allows you to quickly and easily test each platform.

Brand Protection for your business

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In the modern era of digital marketing and sales, it’s important to protect your brand online. One of the critical areas to do this is to control the various domain name options for your business name, industry keywords and perhaps even your slogan.


Extension Hijacking

So you have your .COM.AU for your Australian business secured; but what about the alternatives such as .COM, .NET and .NET.AU? Are these domain names which you should consider to prevent a competitor jumping in and stealing your thunder? The answer is probably yes, you should register them if they are available. For just a couple of dollars per month you can register each domain name and point them at your website to funnel as much traffic in and protect your name from being hijacked by others.

Another important one to consider is .XXX which is primarily designed for the adult industry; this is an extension which is perhaps worth looking at and acquiring for your business name. Whilst you may not directly need it nor ever use it, by securing your brand.XXX you’re preventing someone from hosting content from that same domain which could impact on the perception of your business.


In addition to protecting your brand for your local market, is your business one which has the potential to expand overseas at a later time? If so, don’t take the risk and get those .COM and .NET registrations now; the .COM.AU and the .NET.AU domain names may be the only ones you need now, but happens in 3 years time when you launch to an international audience who don’t know of .COM.AU which is targeted from Australian visitors? By spending a few dollars now, you can save pain later in trying to either secure domain names someone else has gotten to first or even rebranding.


So you might own bikeshop.COM.AU, but what will occur if a user goes to bikesshop.COM.AU? Is there a risk that you will lose the sale because they’ve misspelled the domain name? If so, it is perhaps wise to pick up the most common potential for a misspelling, generally where two characters in a row but on two different words exist. This gives you piece of mind that even if they type in the wrong URL, they’ll end up on your store to purchase your products.

Abbreviations and Slogans

The final piece of the puzzle is to consider the abbreviations of your name and your primary slogan. Can your business name be abbreviated to something more simple thus making it easier to direct people to your website? If so, it might be worthwhile registering the most common one, this makes it very easy to name drop your domain name in a conversation and allow them to easily remember it to check it out later.

It’s important to remember that this advice should be taken on a case by case basis. Whilst some may not need to cover all bases, others may need to be sure they tick all the boxes in their quest to dominate their market. Adding more and more domain names to the mix will start to add up, but if it’s a cost to protect your business and ensure all of your potential clients filter through to your website, then with time you will recover those costs and more.
With VentraIP you can secure .COM.AU and .NET.AU domain names for just $12.48 per year, and a .COM for $11.95 per year. Get your domain names today with VentraIP which include Free ID Protection (on applicable extensions), Free DNS Hosting, and Free Email & URL Forwarding – for more information see https://ventraip.com.au/domain-names/