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Sell Anything Online with a .Store Domain

An online store on .store gets 87% more traffic, 2X the search visibility and
12% lower cost per conversion; making .store the best domain to sell online.
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Registration Price
was $98.00/yr
SAVE 97%
$2 .95/yr*
Renewal Price
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*Discount applies to the first year on new standard registrations only. Premium registrations are not included.

Join Over 1 Million Sellers

Secure your unique online identity with YourDomain.store - the perfect domain extension for showcasing your products, services, and passion projects.

Comparing the Benefits .store vs .com Domains

An online store on .store gets 87% more traffic, 2X the search visibility and 12% lower cost per conversion; making .store the best domain to sell online.
  • ↑87%


    More traffic

  • 12% <sub>Lower</sub>

    12% Lower

    Cost per conversion

  • ↑2x


    More visibility

As Stated in an Independent 12-Month Study; .store vs .com

Why Choose .store?

Join the growing community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and creators who are making their mark with .store domains.

Expand Your Reach

Make a memorable impression on visitors with a domain extension that resonates with your industry. Whether you're selling fashion, technology, or artisanal crafts, .store reinforces your commitment to providing quality products and services.
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    Access a Global Market
    Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an established business, YourDomain.store transcends borders and resonates with customers worldwide.
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    Streamlined Discovery
    A .store domain instantly communicates your business's purpose, making it easier for customers to find and engage with your online storefront.
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Secure Your Identity

Whether you're a passionate entrepreneur, a creative freelancer, or a thriving business, the .store domain welcomes all.
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    ID Protection
    Enable protection on your domain name to hide your identity online - no cost!
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    Accessibility for All
    Unlike other popular names, there are no eligibility requirements to register a .store domain name.
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Built for eCommerce

When you build your eCommerce store on .store, you allow your users to better connect with your business, just by looking at your domain name.
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    Tailored for Online Retail
    Maximise your online store's potential with a domain extension designed specifically for eCommerce ventures.
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    Seamless Shopping Experience
    Enhance customer engagement and conversion rates with a .store domain, ensuring a smooth and intuitive shopping journey.
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Expand your digital presence

Ready to expand your digital footprint? Let's explore some options to elevate your online presence and reach new audiences
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    If your team actively leverages their emails within your business, you need a purpose-built, hosted email solution with spam and virus filtering to ensure you never miss a message.

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    Website Hosting

    Our business web hosting plans are ideal for any business website, with speedy performance and 24/7 technical support from our award-winning 100% Australian-based team. Get your business online in just minutes.

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    Secure Your Site

    Discover our comprehensive range of SSL plans designed to protect your website. Choose from a variety of options tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

  • Things We Get Asked All the Time

    We've answered some of the most frequently asked questions.
    What is a domain name?

    A domain name is the address that you type into a web browser to visit a website. It’s a unique identifier that helps users locate and access specific websites on the internet. For example, in the domain name “jewellery.store,” “jewellery” is the name of the website, and “.store” is the domain extension.

    What is .store? Who is it for?

    “.store” is a type of domain extension, like “.com.au” or “.com”, that you can use when creating a website. It’s specifically tailored for businesses and individuals involved in eCommerce, such as online stores, retailers, entrepreneurs, and anyone selling products or services online. The “.store” extension helps convey to visitors that your website is a place for shopping and buying goods.

    What can I do with a .store domain name?

    You can use a .store domain name to create a website for selling products or services online. It’s designed for eCommerce businesses, so you can showcase your products, set up an online store, and attract customers to buy from you. With a .store domain, you can establish a professional and memorable online presence tailored for your online retail business.

    What is ID Protection? Why do I need it?

    ID Protection is a service offered by domain registrars to keep your personal information private when you register a domain name. When you buy a domain, you’re required to provide contact information like your name, address, email, and phone number. ID Protection shields this information from public view by replacing it with the registrar’s contact details in the public WHOIS database. This helps prevent spam, unsolicited emails, and potential identity theft. So, you need ID Protection to safeguard your personal details and maintain your online privacy and security.

    VentraIP provides ID Protection for free with all domain name registrations that allow it. Read more here.

    Can I transfer my existing domain name to VentraIP?

    Yes, you can transfer your existing domain name to VentraIP. Transferring a domain involves moving the management of your domain from your current registrar to VentraIP. You’ll need to follow a few steps, including unlocking your domain with your current registrar, obtaining an authorization (EPP) code, and initiating the transfer process with VentraIP. Once completed, VentraIP will handle the management and renewal of your domain. It’s essential to ensure that your domain is eligible for transfer and that you’ve met any requirements set by your current registrar before initiating the transfer.

    How much does a .store name cost to renew?

    A standard .store domain name can be renewed at $98.00 /year. Please note, that this price will vary depending on the type of domain name. VentraIP currently supports both standard and premium domain names. Read more here.

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