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Things We Get Asked All the Time

We've answered some of the most frequently asked questions.
What is an eTicket and how do I lodge one through VIPControl?

Our eTicket System is how we log and track your query/problem. Here, you can submit the details of your query (or issue you’re experiencing) and some steps for our team to replicate the issue.

As eTicket submissions and replies require you to log into your VIPControl account, it’s one of the ways we can authenticate that you’re the account holder (in comparison to emails, which are much more difficult to validate).

Steps to submit an eTicket


When can I contact VentraIP's support team?

Anytime! Our helpful team work around the clock, so you can contact us at a time that best suits you.

Can I add another user to my VIPControl account?

Certainly – there is no limit on the number of additional users you can add to your account. The first part of this process involves sending the additional user request. You will need the new user’s email address to proceed.

Steps to add another user