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Build Your FREE Business Website Fast with VentraIP’s Website Builder

Simplify your online journey. Create a stunning, professional website in minutes. No costs, no coding, perfect for any small business ready to make its mark online.
No Lock-In Contract
Custom Templates
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Modern Templates Built to Impress Across All Devices

Your free mobile-friendly website comes with a range of features.
Example of a Cafe website template displaying the homepage on both desktop and mobile views.
  • Rocket icon representing the fast setup process VentraIP's website builder offers.

    Fast Setup

    Get your site up and running in minutes, not hours.
  • Mouse click icon representing no coding requirements for this website builder tool.

    No Code Required

    Build without the hassle of coding expertise.
  • Mobile phone icon representing the mobile friendliness of the website templates offered via this site builder.

    Mobile Friendly

    Optimised for seamless viewing on any device.
  • Lock icon representing the security features offered by VentraIP's website builder.


    Safeguard your website and data with advanced security.

How to Create a Free Website

Starting your free website is a breeze. Follow these simple steps to get your website online in minutes.
Step one of the website building process, choosing your website's domain name.
  • 1
    Choose Your Website's Domain
    Get started by activating VentraIP's website builder, VIPsites, on a domain you already have in your VIPcontrol account. Or, register/transfer a new domain name through VentraIP and turn on VIPsites to begin.
  • 2
    Fill in the Details
    Follow the prompts and fill in your website details. Our guided form simplifies the process, making website creation straightforward.
  • 3
    Build Your Site
    Select from our mobile-responsive website templates, add your content, and apply your personal design touches.
  • 4
    Publish Your Site
    With just a click, launch your website onto the web and start drawing in visitors.

VentraIP's Website Builder Bonus Features

At VentraIP, we load your website with a heap of FREE features and benefits! Check them out:
Rectangle stack icon representing the many website templates offered by VentraIP's website builder.

Website Templates

Get access to a variety of custom website templates, all free for you to use on your site.
free ribbon
Cloud icon representing the free web hosting included with VentraIP's website builder tool.

Website Hosting

Forget the hassle of hosting. With VentraIP's website builder, enjoy a one-click setup to get your website online in minutes.
free ribbon
SSL Certificate icon representing that this website builder includes security features.

SSL Certificate

We prioritise security. VentraIP's website builder includes a complimentary SSL certificate to safeguard traffic to and from your website.
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Gift icon representing the new features that VentraIP intends to add to our new website builder.

New Features Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for an exciting addition to our perks package.
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Unlock Your Online Potential with VentraIP's Website Builder

VentraIP is dedicated to making your journey to establishing an online presence as straightforward and efficient as possible. Our free website builder is designed with your business needs in mind, combining ease of use, customisability, and performance to ensure your website not only looks professional but also performs at its best.

Easy to Use

Creating a website shouldn't be complicated. With VentraIP's website builder, it's as simple as filling out a form. Our platform guides you through each step, making it the perfect solution for businesses aiming to get online quickly without the hassle. Plus, our responsive design ensures your site looks great on any device, from desktop to mobile.
  • Code brackets icon representing that no coding skills are required to use this website builder.
    No Technical Skills Required
    You don't need to be a tech wizard to create a stunning website. Our builder does the heavy lifting for you. Customise your site with simplicity and choose from a wide range of professionally designed templates.
  • Rocket icon representing the fast setup process VentraIP's website builder offers.
    Guided Setup
    Follow our intuitive, step-by-step process to get your site up and running without any prior web design knowledge. From selecting your domain name to adding essential features like contact forms and social media integration, our guided setup ensures nothing is overlooked.
Illustration of a website builder interface showing various design tools including color palettes, text editing, and image placement, with a computer monitor displaying a webpage under construction.

Customisable and Responsive Design

Your website should reflect your unique brand. VentraIP offers a range of pre-designed templates that are fully customisable and automatically adjusted to look great on any device. With our easy-to-use editor, you can tweak every element of your site, from colours and fonts to layout and functionality, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your brand's identity and goals.
  • Mobile phone icon representing the mobile friendliness of the website templates offered via this site builder.
    Ensure your site offers an optimal viewing experience across all devices, from desktops to smartphones, enhancing user engagement and accessibility. Our templates are designed to adapt flawlessly to smaller screens, ensuring that your content remains clear, readable, and easy to navigate on any device.
  • Clock icon representing how quick and easy it is use create a new website for your business from scratch.
    Tailor-Made Templates
    Choose from our selection of professionally designed templates and customise them to match your brand identity. Whether you're a creative professional, a small business owner, or an online retailer, we have the perfect template to suit your needs.
Illustration of a person sitting at a laptop with a website builder interface displayed on the screen, showcasing a website layout design tool, with a plant and a cloud with a gear icon in the background.

Fast and Secure

In today's digital age, speed and security are paramount. Websites built with VentraIP are not only quick to load but also come with built-in security features to protect you and your visitors' data. Our commitment to speed and security means you can focus on growing your business with peace of mind, knowing your website is in safe hands.
  • Bolt icon representing the fast website loading times VentraIP's site builder tool offers.
    Speed Optimisation
    Enjoy fast loading times, keeping visitors engaged and improving your site's search engine ranking. With VentraIP, you don't have to worry about sluggish load times that drive visitors away. Our platform is optimised for speed, ensuring that your content loads quickly and smoothly on all devices.
  • Lock icon representing the security features offered by VentraIP's website builder.
    SSL Certificate Included
    Every website comes with an SSL certificate at no extra cost, ensuring your site is secure and trusted by visitors and search engines alike. Give your visitors peace of mind knowing their information is safe and secure while also boosting your site's credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines like Google.
Illustration of a fast-moving race car with a security shield featuring a padlock, in front of a web browser window, representing secure and speedy website building.

Why Choose VentraIP?

We're excited to help lots of local businesses across Australia. Here's why VentraIP is a great choice for your website:

Keeping Your Site Secure

We know how important it is to keep your website secure. That's why we've put a lot of effort into making sure your site and your visitors are protected from online threats.

Always Here to Help

Our friendly team is based in Australia and ready to help you 24/7. Whether you have a question or need technical support, we've got your back!

Your Data Stays Down Under

When you store your data with VentraIP, it stays right here in Australia. We believe in keeping things local!

Award-Winning Service

People all over Australia think we're the best at what we do, and we're pretty proud of that! Just check out the reviews on ProductReview.com.au.

Trusted By 350,000+ Australians

We are one of Australia’s most loved digital service providers.
2,000+ 5-Star Reviews
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Looking for a Different Solution

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  • Things We Get Asked All the Time

    We've answered some of the most frequently asked questions.
    What is VIPsite Builder?

    The VIPsite Builder is VentraIP’s free website building tool designed to simplify the process of creating a professional website without any coding knowledge. It offers a range of features and templates to help you build your online presence quickly and easily.

    Is VIPsites really free?

    Yes, VIPsite Builder is completely free to use. There are no hidden costs or fees associated with building your website using our platform. However, it’s important to note that registering a domain name to connect with VIPsites will incur a separate cost. The pricing for domain names may vary. For more details, please explore our domain name options.

    Do I need any technical skills to use VIPsites?

    No, you don’t need any technical skills to use VIPsites. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, guiding you through each step of the website creation process.

    What kind of templates does VIPsites offer?

    VIPsites offers a variety of modern and professional website templates that are fully customisable to suit your business needs. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or entrepreneur, you’ll find a template that fits your brand identity.

    Can I use my own domain name with VIPsites?

    Yes, you can use your own domain name with VIPsites. You can either activate VIPsites on a domain you already have in your VentraIP account or register/transfer a new domain name through VentraIP.

    Is website hosting included with VIPsites?

    Yes, VIPsites includes free website hosting. You can set up your website with just one click and get it online in minutes.

    What kind of support is available for VIPsites users?

    VentraIP offers 24/7 support from our friendly team based in Australia. Whether you have questions about using VIPsite Builder or need technical assistance, we’re here to help.

    Can I switch to a different VentraIP solution if VIPsites doesn't meet my needs?

    Yes, if VIPsites doesn’t meet your website needs, you can explore other digital solutions offered by VentraIP, such as web hosting or VPS solutions.

    How do I get started with VIPsite Builder?

    Getting started with VIPsites is easy! Simply follow the steps outlined above to activate VIPsites on your domain or register/transfer a new domain name, fill in your website details, choose a template, add your content, and publish your site.