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Shorty Izzedeen
Shorty is one of our in house Sales & Billing consultants. Known for not being quite tall, you'll often find Shorty ...
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Cheyne Jonstone
Cheyne is the Executive Chairman of VentraIP Australia. As one of our original co-founders, he's been here since the ver...
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Lachlan Strike
Lachlan is a Sales & Communications Representative as well as the office handyman. Outside of work he can be found p...
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Steven Jasionowicz
Steven is a UX Designer and the token Kiwi in the office. He has a strong interest in data driven design and using analy...
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Angelo Giuffrida
Angelo is our CEO and one of VentraIP Australia's co-founders. His passion for the industry is only rivaled by his drive...
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Caitlin Williams
Meet Caitlin. Caitlin is a Marketing Consultant. Caitlin spends her days escorting Ventrasaurus Rex to his many social e...
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Maddison Selleck
As Chief Business Development Officer, Maddison oversees the sales, marketing, and business development efforts here at ...
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VentraIP Australia
VentraIP Australia is the largest privately owned web host and domain name registrar in Australia, backed by a team of i...
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