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Your Trusted Advisors


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Angelo Giuffrida
Co-founder & Co-CEO
Angelo Giuffrida, the esteemed Co-founder & Co-CEO of VentraIP Australia, exemplifies an unmatched passion for the industry. His unwavering drive to exceed customer expectations sets him apart as a true leader. With Angelo at the helm, our company thrives on delivering exceptional experiences that go beyond the ordinary.
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Jarrod O'Sullivan
Head of Product
With more than ten years of industry expertise in product development, Jarrod O'Sullivan stands out as a notable figure. As the Head of Product at VentraIP Australia, he has played a pivotal role in shaping its success. Jarrod's visionary mindset and innovative strategies have positioned the company as a trusted leader in its field.
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Samuel Fisher
Digital Marketing & Promotions Manager
Samuel Fisher, our experienced Digital Marketing & Promotions Manager, brings five years of expertise to our team. With a keen understanding of customer behavior and a creative approach, Samuel excels in developing and implementing impactful advertising and marketing campaigns, driving brand success.
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