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Managed WordPress – Is it really worth it?

WordPress is the most widely used open-source content management service available today. There are ...

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December 10th 2015
Brand Protection for your business

In the modern era of digital marketing and sales, it’s important to protect ...

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July 28th 2014
Getting Professional – Securing a domain for your email to improve your business

It is all too easy to register a free email account to launch ...

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July 14th 2014
Creating an online community

Have you noticed, that the way we do business is changing? How your ‘community’ views your business has always been important however, the internet and social media are changing the interaction of a business with it’s community as well as the impact of the community on the businesses marketing. Your ‘community’ are those people that interact with your business – whether that be on the ...

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June 5th 2012
User Experience: The Key To Successful Online Sales

Whenever I am asked to create a website for a client, I always start by asking – ‘What experience do you want your customers / visitors to have? It’s not unusual when you’re beginning to plan your website to find yourself feeling uncertain what steps to take for success. By far the biggest task at hand is defining not only your business objectives for the ...

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May 25th 2012
The Importance Of Email Marketing To Small Business

Whether or not you have an online presence, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of email marketing or follow up marketing. Email, or follow up, marketing is important because a really high percentage of your site visitors, won’t buy on the first visit…. It’s really important to get your first time visitors to return to your site – particularly when they are ready to make a ...

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May 17th 2012