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Tell the World You Mean Business With a .BIZ Domain Name

Start your future and get online with a .biz domain today.
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Registration Price
$33 .50/yr
Renewal Price
$33 .50/yr
Transfer Price
$33 .50/yr

Do you need a unique domain name that makes you stand out from the crowd?

Then tell the world you mean business with a .BIZ domain name. .BIZ domains are well established and give you the flexibility to choose the domain name that perfectly represents your business.

People around the globe are building innovative businesses with .BIZ domain names and your’s can be the next success story.

Key Benefits of a .BIZ domain

  • Well established and widely recognised
  • A popular alternative to .com and .co domain
  • Globally known, ensuring you aren’t restricted to local markets as your business grows


There are no restrictions on who can register a .BIZ domain name. Choose your domain name today and start growing your business online.

ID Protection
ID Protection can be enabled on this domain name
No Eligibility Criteria
There is no eligibility criteria required for this domain name