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Three letters tailored for the future of CLOTHING, FASHION, AND DESIGN!

You don’t need a chic store in Paris, Monaco, or Milan. With .CFD, your stylish boutique can be omnipresent worldwide!
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.CFD is a new domain extension for clothing businesses, fashion designers, apparel retailers, and
fashion houses who simply want to make the world a more stylish and better looking place.

.CFD is perfect for individuals and brands with an evolved sense of style, a penchant for timeless
fashion, and an infectious passion for the latest clothes and design trends. .CFD is the ideal domain
name to accompany such businesses and individuals on their journey from designing offline to
selling online.

Clothing, Fashion, and Design is a creative and competitive space. .CFD enables and empowers
clothing businesses and individual designers stay true to their brand by providing them with an
online identity that is elegant, unique, and specific to business and brand idea.

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