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tld cyou

Let The World SEE YOU! With .CYOU!

Diverse. Open-minded. Gender-neutral. Changemakers. Dreamers. Independent learners. Do- gooders.
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.Cyou is the perfect domain extension for today’s young, tech-savvy, and socially-minded generation
of digital natives! Bring your ideas to life with a .cyou domain name and let the world SEE what YOU
can do!

Gen Z are ambitious and energetic. They should not have to settle for a long or awkward domain
name to show off their ideas! From creative artists to entrepreneurs to those who wish to monetize
their passions and talents or for influencers who want to further their strong personal brands on
social media, .cyou is for them all!

.cyou is also well-suited for any business or brand trying to appeal to Gen Z or simply looking for an
innovative online identity that helps them stand out from the herd.

ID Protection
ID Protection can be enabled on this domain name
No Eligibility Criteria
There is no eligibility criteria required for this domain name
*Discount applies to the first year on new standard registrations only. Premium registrations are not included.