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.id.auDomain Names
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Securing your name can be a great way of building your personal brand and sharing information about yourself with the world.

If you need a professional email address, then .ID.AU domains names allow you to have an email address that’s yours forever. Don’t get locked into one email provider and gain total control over your online address.

By registering your name now today, you’ll always have a place online that you can call your own.

Why choose a .ID.AU domain name?

  • You want a personal domain with Australian flare
  • You want a personalised email address that doesn’t lock you into one provider
  • You aren’t a business or organisation but still require a website

Who can register a .ID.AU domain name?

  • To register a .ID.AU domain name, you must meet the following criteria:
  • Be an Australian citizen or resident and
  • The domain should exactly match the registrar’s name or,
  • be an acronym or abbreviation or,
  • be closely connected to the registrant
Eligibility criteria required for this domain name
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ID Protection can be enabled on this domain name
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