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Share Your Knowledge With the World

Ideal for displaying knowledge about your industry, hobbies or interests, .INFO domain names tell your audience you’re an authority in your domain and a credible source of information.
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was $43.25/yr
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$8 .25/yr*
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$43 .25/yr
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$43 .25/yr

Since its introduction in 2001, .INFO domain names have steadily risen in popularity and have become an ideal solution for companies and organisations that wish to publish information about products, organisations, industry news, events and research.

Why choose a .INFO domain name?

  • Convey to your audience what your site is all about
  • Share your information with the world
  • Choose a name that’s memorable

Who can register a .INFO domain name?

There is no restriction on who can register a .info domain name. Search for your perfect domain name and start sharing your knowledge today.

ID Protection
ID Protection can be enabled on this domain name
No Eligibility Criteria
There is no eligibility criteria required for this domain name
*Discount applies to the first year on new standard registrations only. Premium registrations are not included.