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One of the Most Recognised Domain Names Available In Australia

For Australian based businesses, domain names are one of the most recognised web addresses available. logo
Registration Price
$19 .95/yr
Renewal Price
$19 .95/yr
Transfer Price

Backed by Identity Digital, all domain names come with the associated trust benefits that only a .AU extension can give your business.

Many businesses are protecting their brands by purchasing .NET.AU domain names, resulting in less confusion for your customers and another way people can reach you. With many short and memorable generic domain names still available, now’s the perfect time to choose a domain name that fits your brand and helps you reach a new set of customers.

Why choose a .NET.AU domain name?

  • Exclusively available for Australian businesses
  • Gain trust that only a .AU extension can provide

Who can register a .NET.AU domain name?

You must be a recognised sole trader or commercial organisation based in Australia to register a .NET.AU domain name.

Eligibility Criteria
Eligibility criteria required for this domain name