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Three Letters To Make A Strong Impact Online

.sbs is where people cultivate unbiased mindsets, organisations unite with welfare, businesses and corporates embrace inclusion, and public interest agendas meet meaningful actions.
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.sbs is perfect for social enterprises, non-profit organisations, community groups, and activists who
wish to make a strong impact online, alongside their efforts in the physical world.

.sbs also finds valid applications for virtual coworking spaces, productivity platforms, online events,
and networking sites where teams can collaborate, work remotely, and share ideas side by side.

Bloggers, entrepreneurs, and working professionals managing multiple projects, businesses, and
tasks side by side can also use .sbs to highlight their multi-tasking capabilities.

.sbs is a short, three-letter domain extension that makes for a brandable choice and one that is easy
to remember.

.sbs is a smart abbreviation for ‘Side by Side’. Names paired with .sbs are instantly distinguishable
and piquet the interest of anyone who comes across it.

.sbs is perfect for all types of businesses, brands, individuals, and welfare groups looking to make a
strong impact online. .sbs is free of any geographic, linguistic, and industry-related limitations.

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