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Looking to Change
Your Web Host?

Move your WordPress website to VentraIP
and get up to 12-months free WordPress hosting!*
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Why Trust Your Website With VentraIP?

Here's why over 300,000 Australian businesses trust VentraIP with their website.

100% Australian

VentraIP is 100% Australian owned and operated.

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer support is available, 24 hours a day, 7-days a week.

Trusted Provider

We guarantee 99.9% uptime, so your website is never down.

Outstanding Performance

Our local enterprise hardware is managed by our local team.

Move Your WordPress Website From Another Web Host

Migrating your website to VentraIP is quick and easy. Let our team of web hosting experts handle the heavy lifting and get back to business sooner. It's as easy as one-two-three!
  • Complete the Switch Form

    Hit the Get Started button and fill in the short form to begin the process of moving to VentraIP.
  • Wait for Our Response

    Our team will manually review your application and send an email response providing the next steps.
  • Enjoy Free Hosting!

    We'll honour up to 12 months of FREE WordPress hosting for any pre-paid period of website hosting with your old provider.
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WordPress Hosting Plan

VentraIP’s WordPress plan delivers the ultimate speed and security optimised for WordPress with our 100% Australian support.
  • Built Ready for an Online Store
  • Optimised for WordPress Speed
  • Staging and Cloning
  • One-click WordPress Install
  • Smart WordPress Updates
  • ImunifyAV Code Protection
  • Search Engine Indexing
  • Security Advisor
*Discount applies to the first invoice of new hosting purchases for up to 1 year only.

See How We Compare to Other Providers

Changing web hosting providers can seem like a difficult decision, so to help make that choice, here are some comparison points that we know make a big difference to your web hosting experience.
100% Australian Owned
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Crazy Domains
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Cebu, Philippines
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India & United States
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Melbourne IT
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Philippines & Australia
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Philippines & Australia
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See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us!

VentraIP has been committed to delivering the best customer experience since we started in 2008, and here are some customers who agree.
2,000+ 5-Star Reviews
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Things We Get Asked All the Time

We've answered some of the most frequently asked questions.
What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting is a specific website hosting designed to optimise WordPress websites with enhanced features, increased security, and simplified management.

What if I need more resources than the prescribed plan?

The Switch promotion offers our WordPress hosting plan, which has 10GB of SSD storage, 200% CPU and 2GB of memory (among features like a free SSL certificate). If you need more than the provided resources, upgrades are available during any stage after signup. However, this will cease the switch promotion, and the new plan’s cost will be payable once the upgrade has been finalised.

Will my site experience downtime as part of the switch?

Setting up your account with ourselves, creating your plan and even migrating your site data itself will incur no downtime whatsoever. Downtime can occur when the DNS on your domain name is changed to load the content from our servers rather than your current host. DNS propagation can take 4-8 hours but is often a lot faster. During this step, you can experience some downtime though most changes are seamless from one server to another.

When will I receive a reply from my switch application?

Applications will be processed by our Solutions team, who operate 9-5 Monday to Friday. Our team strives to reply to you within 1-2 business days to proceed with the switching process. If you submit your switch application on a Friday, you should expect a reply Monday, for example.

How long will it take to move my website?

Migrations will be booked as soon as we have the necessary login credentials to get your data moved across. These can be submitted anytime once logged into your VIPControl with a Migration Request. In most cases, the migration will occur as early as overnight, the same night your switch request is actioned and the details submitted. If the requested time slot has already been booked, you will be moved to the following night or another date of your choosing.

When does my free hosting expire?

VentraIP will match any remaining pre-paid period of your existing hosting service from the previous provider for up to 12 months free. The free hosting period will be rounded up to the nearest time frame of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months, based on your service expiry date. Our Solutions team will manually review every submission to ensure the correct free hosting period has been applied before approving your switch application.

How does moving my WordPress website work?

Our migration process is easy and ensures minimal impact on your website.

  1. Submit a VIP migration request – Log in to your VIPControl account and fill out our simple migration form in the support section of your account.
  2. Our team will create a copy of your website on our server – With the details you provide, our technical operations team will clone your website to your new hosting service.
  3. Update your domain name records – You’ll need to update your domain name’s servers to point to your new hosting with VentraIP.
  4. Out with the old and in with the new – Contact your previous hosting provider and ask them to cancel your service and enjoy your new hosting service with VentraIP.
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