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Extreme Networks Partner With VentraIP Australia To Facilitate Growth In An Expanding Network

Extreme Networks is a US-based company offering software-driven networking solutions to over 20,000 customers, spanning 80 countries. With a focus on desktop to data centre, wired to wireless, on-premises and cloud infrastructure; Extreme Networks have become a world leader in delivering innovative networking solutions.

Along with providing hardware for data centres, Extreme Networks offer orchestration services, security and identification control, wireless products, analytics and performance management.


Extreme Networks Partnership With VentraIP Australia

VentraIP Australia takes the approach that our hardware is our most important strategic asset. With the complexities involved in managing an increasingly large network, we required a partner that offers scalable solutions while also maintaining a high level of performance; we found Extreme Networks to be a partner that offered just that.   

Extreme Networks provides switches to our NEXTDC data centres in Sydney and Melbourne. Using Extreme Networks have enabled us to deliver continuous uptime, operational efficiencies and manageability across our hardware stack. By deploying the same high performance, non-blocking switches across our network, we have been able to simplify our deployment and reduce our carbon footprint.


Visit the Extreme Networks website for more information.