A SHARE OF $50,000 CASH! A SHARE OF $50,000 CASH!
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Our Partners

Installatron, getting your website online quickly and easily.

Installatron has pioneered the realms of automation solutions to meet the demands of web users since its beginnings in 2004. It has come from a small plugin development to provide automated installation services for millions of web users serving an array of web management platforms including cPanel.

Today Installatron provides an affordable and easy solution for the installation of popular scripts including but not limited to the likes of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and phpBB3. This provides a simple click-through process for novice and experienced web users alike to set up popular scripts within minutes.

VentraIP Australia Partnership

Installatron allows us to provide a simple solution for our customers

VentraIP Australia has been using the Installatron installation system since 2009 as it provides the best possible system for our customers to use. In 2011 VentraIP Australia became the first mirror and distributor for Installatron products in the world, and we hope to continue this partnership well into the future.

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