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Keeping VentraIP Australia’s Servers Running at LiteSpeed

With Australian consumers demanding better performance and availability from their hosting providers, VentraIP Australia made the decision in 2012 to become Australia’s first cPanel web host to offer LiteSpeed Web Servers as an alternative to Apache.

Since then, cPanel has introduced official support for LiteSpeed and VentraIP Australia now utilises LiteSpeed Web Servers for their entire range of web hosting services, from shared hosting through to their Fully-Managed Virtual Private Servers.


VentraIP Australia’s Partnership with LiteSpeed

Partnering with LiteSpeed has brought substantial increases in server performance, resulting in reduced load times, faster site response times (by up to a factor of 4), and enhanced security by utilising built-in anti-DDoS features.   

By increasing server capacity, LiteSpeed has allowed us to reduce our environmental footprint and invest in higher-quality hardware which results in a better experience for people visiting our customer’s websites.


About LiteSpeed

LiteSpeed is a US-based software company that was created with the goal of enabling a faster internet and lowering infrastructure costs. They achieve this through their range of web server, load-balancing, and caching products. LiteSpeed also offers an open-source web server for public use, known as OpenLiteSpeed.