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Nominet currently supplies over 9 million .UK domains worldwide

Nominet, established in 1996, is a private not-for-profit company who oversees the .UK namespace. They were set up in order to cope with the growing demands for .UK domain registrations where a voluntary group may no longer have been able to cope. Since their establishment, they have overseen policies and requirements governing the .UK namespace, as well as dispute resolution and other such matters.

Today they manage more than 9 million domains worldwide, delivering safe and secure .UK domains worldwide. Whilst primarily focussed on servicing the heart of e-commerce in the UK, these domains can be purchased from around the world..US Accredited.


VentraIP Australia Accreditation

Supplying .UK domains to Australia!

Since 2010 VentraIP Australia has had an ongoing relationship with Nominet after gaining full accreditation to provide .UK registrations. Since then we’ve been supplying our customers with the opportunity to purchase .co.UK and .me.UK domain registrations.


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