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Our Partners

VentraIP Australia Partners With SpamExperts To Protect Against Incoming and Outgoing Spam

SpamExperts offers email security solutions to Shared Web Hosts, Distributors, ISP’s and Telcos spanning over 80 countries. SpamExperts’ products integrate with existing email infrastructure and work out of the box to provide a sustainable and robust email security solution, ensuring customers and service providers are protected from spam, viruses and malware.

Their proprietary inbound filtering uses self-learning technology to detect spam before it reaches networks while an extra layer of protective filtering adds redundancy and continuity to clients email delivery process Outgoing email filtering secures IP’s from being blacklisted and increase email deliverability.

Along with inbound and outgoing filtering, SpamExperts also offers email archiving to prevent data loss, simplify e-discovery and help to achieve compliance with email archiving regulations. 

VentraIP Australia’s Partnership with SpamExperts

VentraIP Australia started working with SpamExperts in 2012 and use SpamExperts’ solutions for inbound scanning and for all outbound email filtering across our shared hosting infrastructure.

VentraIP Australia has found SpamExperts to be an efficient and powerful way to protect against spam and provides VentraIP Australia with the email security tools to remain Australia’s best value provider of domain names and web hosting services.

Visit the SpamExperts website for more information.