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Synergy Wholesale

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VentraIP Australia’s Accredited Registrar of Choice

Synergy Wholesale caters to service providers, portfolio holders, corporations, and government departments by offering a complete suite of digital services that empowers an organisation to better communicate online and compete in the digital age.

The white-label range of products and services offered by Synergy Wholesale include SAS SSD Web Hosting, SSL Certificates, Domain Names, SMS Messaging, and Dedicated Infrastructure.

As a proudly Australian-owned organisation, Synergy Wholesale creates a level playing field for all partners by offering one price point regardless of their size or business type.

Customers have access to products through WHMCS modules, the Synergy Wholesale API, and the Synergy Wholesale Web Portal, allowing customers to automate the process of purchasing new products and streamline their business.    

Key Benefits Of Synergy Wholesale

  • White Label Services
  • Australian-Based Support
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • High-Level Security
  • Industry Leading Infrastructure


VentraIP Australia’s Partnership With Synergy Wholesale

Synergy Wholesale is one of VentraIP Australia’s sister-companies and the accredited registrar of choice for our range of domain names. VentraIP Australia currently manages more than 200,000 domain names through the Synergy Wholesale platform!