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Australia’s Bushfires – how you can help

January 1, 2020 | Written by Angelo Giuffrida | 2 min read
Australia’s Bushfires – how you can help
January 1, 2020 | Written by Angelo Giuffrida | 2 min read

There’s no doubt Australia is amid some pretty horrific bushfires, and it’s heartbreaking to see the images and footage coming out of the fire grounds of houses, people and wildlife.

We know many of our customers are looking for somewhere to donate or provide relief, so we wanted to bring together a list of where you can contribute and how you can help. Every dollar counts, and any donation you can make will help those affected.

The Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery appeal

The Red Cross helps to support people around the world, and at home, through major emergencies and trauma. With decades of experience caring for people affected by earthquakes, cyclones, floods, storms, fire, drought and other emergencies, their support will go straight to the heart of the crisis.

The Vinnies Bushfire appeal

Donate a little or a lot. Just $50 can provide food for a family who have been evacuated from their home, and $300 can help assist a family who has lost all their belongings and need to start again.

The Salvation Army Disaster appeal

Salvation Army Emergency Services (SAES) teams respond to the bushfires in NSW and Queensland as an unprecedented number of emergency-level fires cause tragic loss of life and property. Your donation means helping them deliver crucial support to help devastated communities recover.

The NSW Rural Fire Service Bushfire appeal

Although good-hearted people are often keen to donate household items and clothes to those in need, these can be hard for the RFS to store and distribute during these times of crisis. The best way to help is with money which allows people to buy the things they need and supports local businesses which have also been impacted.

Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund

The Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund (GERF) is a registered charity established in 1978 to provide immediate short-term funds to Gippslanders affected by natural disaster events. It is entirely funded by donations from businesses, community groups and individuals. Run by volunteers, all donations are returned to the community.

Other Ways to Help

If you’re not in a position to spare funds, there are other ways you can help.

If you’re in areas affected by water, heat or smoke, you can put out water containers for wildlife. You can also donate to wildlife charities that are helping koalas, kangaroos and other animals who have been affected, including Koala Rescue Queensland, Koalas in Care, WIRES, and Wild2Free.

You can also donate old clothes and household items to the above charities, or other local groups, to be passed onto those who have lost everything.

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