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VentraIP Wholesale to become Synergy Wholesale

January 14, 2014 | Written by Angelo Giuffrida | 2 min read
vip wholesale becomes synergy
VentraIP Wholesale to become Synergy Wholesale
January 14, 2014 | Written by Angelo Giuffrida | 2 min read

VentraIP Wholesale becomes Synergy Wholesale

VentraIP Group, Australia’s sixth largest domain name and web hosting provider, today announced that its highly successful wholesale division will be separated and re-launched under the new name Synergy Wholesale, to meet growing demand for an independent, full service wholesale platform for Australian resellers.

Synergy Wholesale will officially launch in Q2 2014 subject to final approval from regulatory bodies auDA and ICANN.

The company will continue to offer all of the wholesale services previously available under the VentraIP Wholesale banner to nearly one thousand existing resellers, including domain names, web hosting, SSL certificates and online SMS, while adding a range of new infrastructure services such as rack space in NextDC enterprise data centres, premium internet bandwidth, virtual and dedicated servers.


Twenty-two year old co-founder and CEO of VentraIP Group and Synergy Wholesale, Angelo Giuffrida, said Synergy Wholesale would fill a void in the market that is grossly under serviced and ignite competition in the sector.

“Since Distribute.IT suffered a critical cyber security incident that ultimately lead to its demise in June 2011, the local wholesale market has been a virtual monopoly to the only remaining company that services clients who require a wholesale partner that does not directly offer a retail product. However, they do not offer the full suite of services that we will, and I am very confident that with the introduction of Synergy Wholesale the landscape is set for a big change”, he said.

Angelo goes on to explain that Synergy Wholesale will also take over the data centre and network infrastructure component of the existing VentraIP Australia retail business, allowing it to focus more closely on its retail offering.

“This is not just a cosmetic separation. It’s a complete physical separation that will see resources shift from one company to another, and will continue to operate independently of one another”, he said.

Synergy Wholesale will inherit the existing VentraIP Wholesale reseller platform, touted by many as one of the best available in the market. It will also continue VentraIP Wholesale’s commitment to operating a fair and open market, by guaranteeing the same prices are paid by all resellers regardless of their buying power.

“Our commitment to our loyal customers is second-to-none, and the level of service they receive from us will only improve with a renewed focus on both our retail and wholesale customers, with dedicated resources to build upon our reputation of delivering outstanding customer service and technical support”, Mr. Giuffrida said.


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