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Email Hosting

Custom emails are a necessary tool in modern businesses. Our purpose-built, hosted email solutions with spam and virus filtering ensure you never miss a message.
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Business Email Hosting Plans

Supercharge your Australian business with our high-powered Business Email Hosting Plans. Enjoy lightning-fast email delivery, advanced security, and seamless integration, all tailored to meet the unique needs of your operations.

Our Feature-Packed Email Hosting Includes:


Axigen Suite

Axigen introduces more than just basic email capabilities. Your business receives a suite of new features, including archiving, filtering, an integrative native app, and more.
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We offer secure, encrypted access to POP3, IMAP and SMTP to ensure the content of your email messages is kept as secure as possible.

CalDAV Calendars

Access your calendar from a mobile device, keep track of your appointments or share your calendar with our CalDav-supported applications.

Flexible Storage Options

Need more email space? Our flexible email hosting plans allow you to purchase additional 20GB disk blocks for just $4.95/mo.

Locally Stored

As a 100% Australian-owned and operated company, we guarantee your email data will only be stored on servers located in Australia.

Halon Spam

All correspondence flowing in and out of our hosted email platform passes through our fully redundant cloud scanning system, powered by Halon.


Take complete control of every email account associated with your domain name with our simple and easy-to-use management interface.
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MX Records

To make sure you never miss a message, we have six redundant MX servers storing your emails in the unlikely event of your primary email server being offline.

Australian Email Hosting

With our Australian email hosting services, we can offer a localised and trustworthy email solution, ensuring fast delivery and dedicated customer support. Enjoy secure and efficient communication with the convenience of hosting your emails within Australia.

Save Money for Your Business

Free email migrations ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition from one email platform to another. With the help of our simple migration tools and support services, you can effortlessly transfer your emails, contacts, calendars and other important data to an Australian-supported email solution. This ensures minimal disruption to daily communication and productivity.
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    Free Email Migrations
    Our team of Australian experts can transfer all your email data from your old provider to your new VentraIP inbox at no extra cost.
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    Affordable Email Solution
    Create a unique and custom email address for as little as $2.95 per month, all backed by an award-winning Australian support team.
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Enhanced Email Security

Rest assured, comprehensive security measures are in place to safeguard your email communications. With robust anti-spam and anti-virus scans applied to every incoming and outgoing message, along with spoofing protections and encryption, your email remains highly secure.
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    Halon Spam & Virus Filtering
    We use Halon spam and virus filtering to help prevent email server blacklisting, ensuring your messages are always delivered where intended.
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    Daily Backups
    Each day, our Acronis Cloud Backups system will regularly backup your data, ensuring it is always available for you to access or restore.
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100% Australian Support

Our friendly and skilled team is stationed in Australia, always at the ready to assist you with any queries concerning your website.
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    24/7 Local Support
    Our hardware is based in Australia and overseen by our local crew to ensure optimum support and performance for your email solution.
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    Average 30min Response Times
    We take immense pride in providing a highly responsive service to our customers. Our team strives to answer and resolve all inquiries in the shortest time possible, with an average response time of less than half an hour.
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Trusted By Over 300,000 Australians

We are one of Australia’s most loved online solution providers.
2,000+ 5-Star Reviews
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Things We Get Asked All the Time

We've answered some of the most frequently asked questions.
What is email hosting?

Email hosting is a dedicated email inbox that you pay to store on the server of a provider. Dedicated email hosting allows for custom domains to be used and various privacy, accessibility and compatibility advantages for a reasonably low cost. There are many free email hosting options available through various providers such as Google or Outlook.

What are the benefits of a paid email service vs. free email services?

There are several advantages to using paid email services over free email:

Customisation: One of the most significant advantages is that paid email services provide the ability to customise your email address entirely. This helps to legitimise your brand or business and provides a level of trust to contacts that receive your emails.

Privacy: The majority of free email services will serve you advertising throughout the platform. Advertisement data collection can re-target ads towards you through your free email platform.

Security: A lot of the free email services come with a good level of protection from SPAM emails or malicious email viruses. Paid email services generally have a more customisable approach for security, giving more control and power to the user, which can be beneficial in most cases.

Support: Managing your inbox can sometimes be tricky, and with a Free email service, you are on your own and working out how to configure your email system will require time and many a google search. A paid email service will always come with some level of support, and with VentraIP, you have 24/7 support at your disposal through multiple methods.

What to look for in an email hosting service?

There are a few things you should always look for when selecting the correct email hosting for you.

Compatibility: This factor mainly speaks to how you can view your email. While email hosting services will come with a default way to view your email, you may want to consider your email through different devices or even using specific email clients such as Outlook or Gmail. So be sure that you can still utilise your email services the way you want before buying.

Storage: Especially important if you are moving emails into a new account. Be sure to select an email hosting service that has enough storage to support your past comfortably, present, and future emails.

Security: All email hosting will include some level of protection because if it didn’t, your inbox would be very difficult to use and trust. But knowing how reliable and comprehensive those security measures are is essential when selecting an email host.

Can I move from my existing provider?

Absolutely! and we can do the heavy lifting. As part of our email hosting services, we offer free migrations, which means once your new email hosting service has been activated with VentraIP, you can request our team to perform email migration. They will be able to pull over all of your email data from your old provider to your new VentraIP inbox! For more details, see our FAQ on Migrating your emails from another mail server.

What is IMAP and POP3? What is the difference?

A general question our support team gets asked, and here is the short answer. IMAP and POP3 are just two different methods of how you receive emails.

IMAP syncs messages across all your devices. So if you’re using multiple devices to view emails, then this option is better for you. If you delete an email on your phone, the email will be deleted on your computer and vice-versa.

POP3 downloads emails from your source mail client and stores them on your device. So emails that come through to your Outlook account are then downloaded by your phone. If you delete the email in your Outlook, the email will still be available to view on your phone. This also means that you can review your emails if you’re not online. It also means that emails will take up storage space on each device you view your email on.