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Migrating your emails from another mail server
Updated Thursday December 31st 2020 / Category Email Hosting

Copy your emails over free of charge!

We can migrate your emails from another provider, as long as your current emails are stored on an IMAP server. If you’re accessing your emails from multiple different devices and apps, you can be sure that your current provider uses IMAP.

How to request a migration

  1. Sign up for the email hosting or web hosting service that you’d like, and create a customer account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Upon receiving your order confirmation, log in to VIPControl.
  3. On the top-left side of the page select Support, then click the eTickets tab.
  4. Select Submit a new eTicket, and then select Technical support.
  5. Select your web or email hosting service from this list.
  6. Write us an eTicket in whichever format you prefer, but be sure to include the following information:
    – State you would like an email migration;
    – The email address(es) you want us to copy from;
    (this can be different from the account we’re copying to);
    – The email address(es) you want us to copy into;
    – The password(s) for each account;
    – The incoming server name or IP address. You may know this is the IMAP server.

NOTE: You can locate your incoming/IMAP server in the server settings of your email app.

What happens next?

  1. We test your credentials to ensure we’re able to access the IMAP account, and notify you via a reply to the eTicket when we have commenced the migration.
    • If your source account is hosted by Google, you will need to follow these steps before we can use our tools to migrate your emails.
  2. Then, we use our migration tool to synchronise emails between the source and destination. This tool copies over any emails that don’t already exist on the destination server – which can be useful for re-migrations if you need us to re-do this process again.
  3. If we’re unable to complete your migration, our Technical Support team will notify you with some further steps to take.
  4. Finally, the Technical Support team will notify you once the migration has finished. We will advise you if and how you may need to update your domain name to start using your email service with us (if it’s still connected to your previous provider).

Need help changing your email settings? Check out our guide for that here.

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