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Powerful Australian hosting. Made easy.

Enjoy the benefits of a powerful SSD Virtual Private Server and leave the heavy lifting to our web hosting experts.
99.9% SLA
Uptime Guarantee
We designed our infrastructure with the goal of providing Australia’s most reliable services and are so confident that we’ve backed it with a money-back guarantee.
99.9% SLA
Uptime Guarantee
100% Australian
Phone Support
Beginning with your initial 1-on-1 consultation, our team of award-winning Australian hosting experts will be here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
100% Australian
Phone Support
Scalable Platform
& Infrastructure
Easily add resources to your service as your business grows and ensure your website remains lightning fast at all times.
Scalable Platform
& Infrastructure
Fully Managed
cPanel Migrations
Our hosting experts will move your service at a time that suits you, ensuring everything is running smoothly before you go live on our platform.
Fully Managed
cPanel Migrations
99.9% SLA
Uptime Guarantee
We designed our infrastructure with the goal of providing Australia’s most reliable services and are so confident that we’ve backed it with a money-back guarantee.
99.9% SLA
Uptime Guarantee
100% Australian
Phone Support
Beginning with your initial 1-on-1 consultation, our team of award-winning Australian hosting experts will be here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
100% Australian
Phone Support
Scalable Platform
& Infrastructure
Easily add resources to your service as your business grows and ensure your website remains lightning fast at all times.
Scalable Platform
& Infrastructure
Fully Managed
cPanel Migrations
Our hosting experts will move your service at a time that suits you, ensuring everything is running smoothly before you go live on our platform.
Fully Managed
cPanel Migrations
Our range of Fully Managed Virtual Private Servers
Pay Monthly
  • Pay Monthly
  • Prepay 1 Year
Fully Managed
For when you need the freedom of a Fully Managed VPS on a budget.
100GB SSD Storage Space
2TB Monthly Bandwidth
4GB Memory Allowance
4 vCPU Allowance
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Fully Managed Premium
Not all businesses are created equal. This server is built for the best of the best.
200GB SSD Storage Space
6TB Monthly Bandwidth
16GB Memory Allowance
8 vCPU Allowance
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Here’s what some of our 150,000 customers have to say about VentraIP Australia
"These guys have never failed to provide immaculate service. Any inquiry is met with professionalism and haste. Would recommend VentraIP to anyone that needs good quality hosting."
Jez Zahija
"I have had dealings with other Web Hosting companies in the course of my work and can say without reservation that VentraIP Australia is the best website hosting provider I have ever worked with."
Dameon Jamie
"VentraIP has it all - fantastic support, a reliable service I can depend upon for myself and my clients and a sense of community lacking in so many businesses. I'd recommend them to anyone."
Sarah Higgens
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Our hosting experts are here for you 24/7 and can answer any questions you may have about our range of online services.
Or give our Sales Team a call on 13 24 85
Daniel Working
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Be ready for anything with around the clock monitoring and fully redundant backups.
Acronis Backups
Rest easy knowing that your service is safe with backups taken every 6 hours and stored on our fully-redundant Acronis backup cluster.
24/7 Service Monitoring
Your server will be added to our corporate Nagios system, ensuring a lightning-fast response to any unexpected events that may affect your service.
Everything you need to keep your server safe from malicious attacks and unexpected threats.
Hardware Firewall
Your server will have the added protection of comprehensive threat prevention that only a Fortinet hardware firewall can provide.
Outbound SpamExperts Spam Filtering
SpamExperts’ outbound spam filtering services are the industry-leading option for online brand protection and IP blacklisting prevention.
ConfigServer eXploit Scanner
CXS actively monitors all files within your service, helping to prevent any malicious content from making its way onto your server.
We've hand-picked the perfect combination of software for your server.
Due to its incredible range of features, cPanel is widely considered the #1 web hosting control panel available.
Makes the installation, deployment, and management of web applications as easy as the click of a button!
Improve the security, reliability, and performance of your server with CloudLinux and KernelCare.
LiteSpeed Web Server
The fastest, most lightweight web server available, LiteSpeed Web Server conserves resources without sacrificing performance, security, or compatibility.
Added Value
Everything you need to power up your server when you need it most.
1 vCPU Upgrade
$14.95 per month
Easily add or remove additional vCPU cores thanks to our streamlined process and never run out of resources again!
1GB Memory Upgrade
$14.95 per month
Add or remove additional Memory with ease thanks to our streamlined process and never run out of RAM again!
50GB SAS SSD Storage
$24.95 per month
Running out of storage space is a thing of the past thanks to our customisable hosting platform. Please note that this add-on cannot be removed once added.
100GB Additional Bandwidth
$9.95 per month
Easily add or remove additional bandwidth whenever you need it thanks to our streamlined process and customisable hosting platform.
24/7 Local Support
Our Fully-Managed Virtual Private Servers are... well, they're fully managed!

That means you have access to our team of Aussie experts 24 hours a day, 7 days per week and can give us a call or submit an eTicket at any time of the day or night.

Whether you need support ASAP or at 3am Sunday morning, we’ll get it done.
Initial Setup and Hardening
Once you’ve signed up for your Fully Managed Business VPS, one of our web hosting experts will go through the process of installing all of your licenses, software, and addons.
Once everything is setup a member of our senior team will then give you a call and walk you through everything you’ll need to know about your new product as well as answer any questions you may have.

We’ll even process all cPanel migrations from you old hosting environment at a time that suits you best! Let one of our web hosting experts know when they give you a call and we’ll schedule the migrations at a time that suits you best.
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
We’re so confident about the stability and reliability of our infrastructure that we’ve provided all Fully Managed Business VPS customers with a 99.9% uptime guarantee that’s backed by our Service Level Agreement.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is VPS hosting?

VPS is short for “virtual private server”. When you’re choosing a web hosting service for your website, there are various types to choose from.


With a dedicated server, you rent an entire server from your web hosting company, meaning you have complete control over the server setup, maximum bandwidth, and the highest level of security.


Shared hosting allocates space on a server for your data, which is also used by several other individuals or businesses. This type of hosting is more limited than dedicated hosting, as you won’t have full control over your settings, but it’s a lot cheaper.


VPS hosting is a compromise between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. With VPS hosting, you share a physical server with other customers, but the hosting environment is set up to work as if it was a dedicated server. This gives you many of the advantages of dedicated hosting at a lower cost.

Who Should Use a VPS?

Although a Virtual Private Server Hosting provides a much more affordable alternative than its physical equivalent a “Dedicated Server” a VPS plan is more expensive than a standard shared hosting plan. So who should use a Cloud-based Virtual Private Servers?


  • Growing businesses that are expanding beyond the capabilities that shared hosting can offer.


  • Businesses that have expected or planned future growth. When entering a new market or presenting a new opportunity where rapid growth is a possibility, ensuring your website has the dedicated resources it requires to maintain performance under heavy site traffic.


  • Websites that require a better level of privacy and performance compared to what shared hosting plans offer.


  • A business that requires full control over their server. Ability to custom configure, allow root access and installations that are unavailable with standard shared hosting.


  • Company’s that house multiple brands and websites. Keeping all your branded websites under one roof, or one VPS, rather than multiple shared hosting will ensure consistent performance and provide a better way to maintain various website hosting.
How does a VPS server work?

VPS hosting uses virtualisation technology to divide the resources of one single physical server into several virtual servers. Each of these virtual servers operates as if it is an independent dedicated server, but is contained within one physical machine.


If you’ve ever installed a virtual machine on your computer to run an instance of Windows on your Mac or run Linux on your Windows machine without having to restart your computer, you’ll already have experience with the type of technology that makes VPS hosting possible.


Or, to give a non-technical analogy, you can think of VPS hosting as renting an apartment in a larger building. While you may share the physical building with other occupants, you’re responsible for paying your own utility bills and choosing how fast your internet connection is. Nobody else has keys to your apartment, as it’s a completely private space.

What are the benefits of VPS hosting?

VPS hosting offers several benefits over shared hosting:

  • It’s more secure – as each VPS is running its own independent server environment, you won’t be at risk from viruses or cyber-attacks targeted at other virtual servers. This is particularly important if you’re running an e-commerce site, or taking data from people who visit your websites and may actually be a regulatory requirement in many cases.


  • It’s faster– you’ll have dedicated resources for running your own sites, so you won’t need to worry about the load on other websites slowing yours down.


  • You have more control– with shared hosting you’ll have limited control over your server settings, as you’re sharing the setup with several other customers. VPS hosting gives you total control over your virtual private server, so you can set it up as you wish. You can run your own instances of applications such as Apache and PHP, and customise them to your own requirements.


  • You get better customer service – VPS hosting is a premium service so you can expect a higher level of support than you would get with shared hosting. This means, if you need help with setup, backups, recovery, or anything else, you won’t be left on your own.


  • You’re isolated from other VPS environments– upgrading software or installing new software on a server usually requires rebooting the machine. This means if you’re on shared hosting, you’ll need to wait before having access to certain applications or upgrades, or you may experience downtime while the server is rebooted. With a VPS, you can restart the system at any time you choose, without affecting other clients hosted on the same server.


The main advantage of VPS hosting over a dedicated hosting is that it’s much more affordable. You get the advantages of a dedicated server at a lower cost.


If you’re concerned about your impact on the environment, you’ll be happy to know that VPS hosting is a more eco-friendly option too. Each additional physical server run by a hosting provider has an impact on the environment in terms of its production and maintenance. Sharing a server with other people is more efficient as it means that resources are used in an optimal way, and the environmental impact is reduced.

What VPS features should I look for when choosing a hosting option?

There are many VPS hosting providers out there. So how do you go about narrowing down the selection and choosing the most suitable one to host your website?


The physical resources of the VPS hosting package are the first thing you should consider. You need to make sure you have enough storage space, bandwidth, and processing power to meet your needs both now and in the future. Migrating your site to another server with upgraded resources can be a hassle, so it’s important to make sure you have room to scale.


Make sure you consider:

Storage space – If you have a large website or host multiple sites, you’ll need plenty of space to grow moving forward. Make sure to choose a server with SSD storage for the best speed and reliability.


Memory allowance – If you’re running numerous services on your VPS, or have a high-traffic website, you’ll need a generous memory allowance. Insufficient RAM can cause your website to be sluggish


Bandwidth – Bandwidth is a measure of the amount of data that you are capable of processing either to or from the users accessing your web services each month. Your bandwidth needs to increase as your site grows in size and complexity and as your traffic increases. You’ll also need a high bandwidth allowance if your site involves large-scale data transfers, for example, if you are streaming video.


vCPU allowance – This is a measure of how fast your server can process data. Again, the bigger your site and the more traffic you experience, the more vCPU allowance you’ll need to keep your site running smoothly.


Management– Do you need a self-managed or fully managed VPS?


Service level agreement – Each hosting service should publish an uptime guarantee. A small amount of downtime for server upgrades and maintenance is sometimes unavoidable, but good hosts should manage their servers well to keep downtime to a minimum. VentraIP promises a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

What else should I consider when choosing VPS hosting in Australia?

While it’s important to gather the above information so you can compare hosting packages, hardware options and features aren’t the only things you should consider when choosing VPS hosting.


Sometimes what looks like the best package on paper isn’t necessarily the best deal for you. You must also consider:


Price – the most expensive packages aren’t always the best, but suspiciously cheap hosting is usually cheap for a reason.


Customer support– What support is available if you run into problems? Can you access support 24/7? Is there an extensive online support centre to answer quick queries?


Reputation and reliability– How long has the hosting company been in business? Have they earned a reputation as being reliable and providing a good level of service? Be wary of brand new companies offering packages that seem too good to be true.


Server location– If your business is based in Australia and most of your clients and customers are there too, you should choose an Australian hosting provider. This ensures your website is as fast as possible, as your server will be physically close to the majority of your visitors, and it can give you a bit of an SEO boost too.

Where are your VPS servers located?

All VentraIP Australia VPS products on our new platform are hosted in Sydney, a major connection point for international traffic travelling into and out of Australia.

How do I set up my Virtual Private Server?

Once your purchase is complete, one of our web hosting experts will provision your server and perform the initial setup before giving you a call to walk you through all the finer details of your product.


We encourage you to ask any questions you may have and take the time to discuss what you hope to do with the server so that we may provide advice on how to proceed.

What is a root password and will I need it?

The root user is the default account that has complete access to all commands and files on the server. The root password is simply the password that is required to access the root user.


To make managing your server as easy as possible, we store the root details in our database for use during ongoing maintenance, support, and service optimisation.


Due to the way in which we manage your VPS, there’s no reason you’d ever need to access the root user or need the root password for your server.

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What is cPanel?

cPanel® is the worlds most popular and powerful tool for Linux Web Server management. Through its vast array of features, excellent support, and friendly interface web users are able to effectively manage their website and email solutions.

The easy to navigate cPanel® interface allows users to effortlessly set up their website and it’s various functions, taking away the stress of getting your business online.

Why choose Dell?

Dell’s enterprise-grade range of hardware is widely considered to be ahead of their competitors, providing the most reliable products in the world. Through their groundbreaking efficiency in cooling, power, and performance Dell’s range of servers are an excellent choice for VentraIP Australia’s hosting environment.

What is LiteSpeed?

LiteSpeed Web Server is a direct replacement for the more commonly-used Apache Web Server, using fewer resources while also offering improved performance optimisation, protection, and efficiency.

LiteSpeed Web Server conserves your resources without sacrificing performance, security, or compatibility.

Why choose Intel?

Intel’s latest range of processors simply cannot be beaten in terms of sheer power and efficiency. Providing an industry-leading quality of service and support, VentraIP Australia is proud to be partnered with Intel.

What is Acronis?

Acronis offers fast cloud backups that are fully-redundant and are completely scalable. The Acronis Cloud Backup platform provides VentraIP Australia with everything needed to ensure that your service remains backed up at all times.

Who are SpamExperts?

SpamExperts offers email security solutions to Shared Web Hosts, Distributors, ISP’s and Telcos spanning over 80 countries. SpamExperts’ products integrate with existing email infrastructure and work out of the box to provide a sustainable and robust email security solution, ensuring customers and service providers are protected from spam, viruses and malware.

What is a SonicWall?

Fortinet delivers high-performance, integration security solutions for global enterprise, mid-size, and small businesses.