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November 6 2013

VentraIP Australia launches IPv6 for cPanel in an Australian first

PostedWednesday November 6th 2013

VentraIP launches IPv6 web hosting servicesVentraIP Australia is pleased to announce the launch of IPv6 enabled business web hosting services using cPanel, as available IPv4 space continues its path to exhaustion in the Asia Pacific region.

In an Australian first, VentraIP Australia customers using the cPanel hosting platform will have their web sites served from both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in a move the company hopes will stimulate the local hosting industry and internet service providers to expedite their transition to IPv6.

Customers can enable IPv6 functionality through the new ‘Enable IPv6’ option inside of the Manage Hosting Services section in VIPControl:

Enable IPv6 functionality through VIPControl

The exhaustion of IPv4 address space in the local region is a problem that is only going to get worse before it gets better, and unfortunately it’s a chicken and egg scenario where internet service providers and many hardware vendors are dragging their feet on the implementation of IPv6 for end users because the content is simply not available.

IPv6 connectivity is now available to all web hosting providers who use the cPanel platform in the most recent 11.40 release of the software, however the underlying network infrastructure must be IPv6 enabled first.

Our network has been IPv6 enabled since it was first launched in 2009 and all non-cPanel services have been IPv6 enabled since then, but over the years we have been actively lobbying and subsequently working with cPanel to get IPv6 support into the platform and it’s finally come to fruition which is fantastic to see.

For more information on enabling IPv6 on your hosting service, please consult our team in an eTicket which can be lodged through VIPControl.

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