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Cheap Web Hosting

Rent your webspace
for less than $3/mo
Get online for less with our Cheap Web Hosting plan from Australia's most trusted online service provider, VentraIP Australia
  • Real 24/7 Local Support
  • No Lock-In Contracts
Cheap Web Hosting plan
WAS $6.00/mo
Save 55%
Select Hosting Platform
This allows various hosting plan resources to be easily adjusted at any point in time through VIPControl.
Unlimited websites
There is no limit to the number of websites you can run with our Select hosting plans.
2GB SSD storage
SSD storage is a more advanced and efficient way of storing data. 2 GB is more than enough to run a standard website.
Unlimited databases
There is no limit to the number of databases you can run with our Select hosting plans.
Unmetered bandwidth
The bandwidth used by your website is unmetered, meaning there are no limitations for visitors to your website.
FREE 1-click WordPress install
Easy 1-click installation of WordPress on your hosting, so you can start quickly.
FREE SSL Certificate
Included is a FREE SSL certificate to install with your hosting plan.
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Start your online website for less!

VentraIP Australia's cheap hosting plan gets you online for $2.70 per month. It costs less than a cup of coffee, and the possibilities are endless. Here are some reasons you should rent your space on the internet and host your website with us.

  • Cheap and simple, made easy.
    When it comes to getting Australians online, we know our stuff. So a couple of sticking points we know of are price and jargon. Sometimes it's hard to pay for something you can’t see and even harder to choose between multiple options, so to combat this, we’ve come up with a single cheap web hosting plan suitable for most websites on the internet, and we’ve done our best to minimise the jargon to explain how it works.
    Automatic Discount On First Invoice
  • Just as fast, just as secure.
    We know what you’re thinking, cheap hosting equals low quality well, not the case here. The performance and security of our web hosting are the same across all our hosting services. We use the latest enterprise-grade industry-leading hardware, all based in Australia, to ensure your hosting is fast, reliable and protected. In other words, there's no sacrifice for quality.
    Unbeatable Performance on Australian Hardware
  • Grow your website without limits.
    Our cheap hosting plan is built using our custom hosting platform, that’s means if your website begins to grow and change, your hosting can too. There are options available to add space for more data storage, add memory to juggle more actions or add processing power to speed up loading times. So you’re never stuck with what you have, and you can always grow bigger.
    Upgrade Your Hosting At Any Time

Why choose VentraIP Australia?

  • 100% Australian
    Owned & Operated
    For the last 12 years, we've worked hard to become the fourth largest web hosting and domain name provider in Australia. Being locally owned and operated, we have an in-depth understanding of what Aussie websites need to suceed.
  • Real 24/7
    Technical Support
    Our Melbourne-based team is well known for delivering an industry-leading level of customer service and technical support to our customers daily. They can be reached by phone or eTicket 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Award Winning
    Customer Service
    A great relationship is built on trust. As a multi-award-winning company that achieved accreditation and acknowledgement from our industry governing bodies, you know your websites and domain names are in good hands.

What customers are saying.

Here's what some of the 200,000 VentraIP Australia customers have to say about service:
based on +1000 reviews
"Just wanted to share some feedback and my personal experience with Ventraip Competitive pricing compared to the "EL Cheapo" overseas providers. 24/7 Australian tech support is awesome, super quick and efficient! Compared to Bluehost/DreamHost."
star star star star star
Product Review
"Fantastic service. Their support team is unmatched and always willing to help or point in the right direction. Cheapest and most reliable. 100% do recommend. I have a domain and website hosting."
star star star star star
Joshua Fielding
Google Review
"I was with a cheaper overseas provider and everything was ok until I had an issue. When I contacted them for help it took them days to get back to me, all the while my site was down. I then decided to go to Australia and I couldn't be happier. Any queries I put through are responded to in an hour rather than days! Love it"
star star star star star
Michael Loof
Product Review
"Have used this company a few times now, easy and affordable. I am not very tech savvy which is no matter because there online chat service helps me out every time"
star star star star star
Danielle Rumsey
Google Review
"Been a loyal fan/customer for many years. Purely as a hobby. The staff are excellent. They reply quickly to enquiries/problems. The hosting services they provide are excellent value for money, top-notch for extraordinarily little cost. "
star star star star star
Product Review
"I've been with GoDaddy for over 10 years, and while I'm not saying GoDaddy are bad - I gotta say VentraIP is absolutely fantastic. They're responsive, helpful, accommodating and very affordable. Little things like included SSL and the speed of their basic hosting plan."
star star star star star
S Walsh
Google Review
"Their hosting service is great, and their service level is truly excellent. They aren't the very cheapest around, but considering how good their service is, they are actually really offering an affordable service"
star star star star star
Product Review
"I've been a customer for quite a while (before the rebranding) and overall have been impressed with the service. I have several hostings, in both Sydney and Melbourne DCs and reliability has been high. On the occasions I have required support, it has been provided promptly, intelligently, courteously and professionally."
star star star star star
Product Review
"The best web host I've ever dealt with. Super fast support, affordable plans and their new VIPControl looks absolutely amazing."
star star star star star
Jack Baker
Google Review
"I hopped around several hosts over the years from Bluehost to Siteground and so on but settled on VentraIP just over 4 years ago now. Have found them to offer high quality hosting infrastructure for very affordable pricing. Downtime has been next to nothing and any issues have been promptly addressed by support staff."
star star star star star
Steph Hunter
Google Review
"I am very happy with the great customer service at VentraIP. Their tech support is friendly, helpful, quick to respond to my novice queries and the support often delivers more than I expect. Plus, they have affordable web hosting packages that I upgrade to as my business and my budget grow. Well done!"
star star star star star
Wayne Hein
Google Review
"Very competitive prices,in fact cheaper than the famous domain name offering sites I would come back again in future. Signup was easy, took me under 5 mins to do the whole process."
star star star star star
"This is one of the best hosting services in Australia if not the best of them all. Great infrastructure with very affordable plans, easy access to all your control panels and the support is out of this world. If you need urgent support you just need to bump the ticket and they will attend right away."
star star star star star
Oron Raviv
Google Review
"Excellent Australian company providing quality service. Our film production company moved from a cheap U.S. firm to Ventra and have been very pleased about the difference. Personal, local support, reliable service and really happy we moved."
star star star star star
Smart St. Films
Product Review
"I originally went with VentraIP because it was the most affordable option for my domain, but I must say, I was very impressed with the service! The customer support team were friendly, helpful and fast. I plan on continuing my domain with VentraIP and will use their service for additional domains down the track."
star star star star star
Jason Hill
Google Review
"Rock-solid and reliable, been with them for years now. Support is good and speedy. No qualms, no reason to go shopping. Not the cheapest but I feel they are great value."
star star star star star
Ewen W.
Product Review
"I have been using VentraIP for a number of years now to provide hosting for community and volunteer groups. These groups usually seek out the cheapest provider, until something goes wrong and you have to deal with an overseas call centre that has a lot of different levels of "support"."
star star star star star
David Jewell
Product Review
"They provided domain prices which were much cheaper than the competition and the same goes for their email services. I had a few issues on my part with setting up the website and after a few seconds of waiting, I was attended to and given help."
star star star star star
Product Review
Frequently Asked Questions
What makes Cheap Web Hosting, Cheap?

So there are two main reasons why VentraIP Australia’s Cheap web hosting is cheap:
1) We’ve automatically applied a 55% discount to the hosting service for the first billing cycle you’ve selected. To get the most value for money, be sure to choose an annual billing cycle so you can get 12 months of cheap hosting.

2) This refers to the amount of storage, memory and power cheap hosting has. We’ve set the allocated amounts at a level we know works for most websites on the internet.

Is cheap hosting not as good as regular hosting?

Nope, cheap hosting is the same as our other hosting services powered by our Select hosting platform. This means you get the same industry-leading hardware that we use for all our other hosting services, the same performance, security and reliability of which we are well known.

Can I use cheap hosting for my business website?

Cheap hosting is an excellent cost-effective web hosting service that can efficiently serve any business website. An informative webpage regarding a brand or small business service is ideally suited to a cheap web hosting plan. There are some niches cases where you might require something more substantial for your business, but you can scale this hosting at any point in time.

What are the specs for cheap hosting?

So getting into the tech specs, the cheap web hosting plan is allocated with the following

  • 2GB of Disk Space (overall website storage)
  • 100% CPU (website processing power)
  • 1GB Memory (multiprocessing power)

Based on our experience in the industry, these specs will efficiently serve the majority of websites. However, if you purchase a cheap web hosting plan and find it’s not performing as you wish, it is speedy and straightforward to change.

Chat to our local Technical support team available 24/7 to find out what the best combination of resources best suits your website. Then, either one of our team or you can use our simple VIPControl panel to increase your resources to help improve your website’s performance.

How long will cheap hosting stay this cheap?

The 55% discount applied to cheap hosting is a one-time discount that applies to your first invoice. Once the billing cycle you decide to order has elapsed, your service will be due for renewal at the total price. So be sure to select the maximum billing cycle for cheap hosting, which is 12-months or annual.

Pssssst … Every year we have promotions that include renewal discounts that you can take advantage of when available so your cheap hosting can stay cheap.

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