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March 5 2013

Another huge .au milestone passed

PostedTuesday March 5th 2013

Today we are very pleased to announce that as at November 2012 VentraIP Wholesale, a wholly owned subsidiary of VentraIP Australia, achieved its highest new registration market share of .au domain names to date, climbing the ranks to number six and being beaten only by Crazy Domains, NetRegistry, TPP Wholesale, Melbourne IT and newcomer GoDaddy.

This means that VentraIP Wholesale now registers more .au domain names than many other ‘bigger’ companies, including UberGlobal, Tucows, Enetica, MYOB, and all of their associated brands and resellers, as well as the other 28 accredited registrars.

VentraIP Australia’s new CEO, Mr. Angelo Giuffrida, was very pleased with the news.

“This is a true¬†testament¬†to our business as a whole, and a definitive marker of just how well our strategy is working in both the retail and wholesale segments of the marketplace, which we are backing up with superb customer service and service delivery.”

VentraIP Wholesale has been a huge success for the company with more than 300 active resellers and a further 150 pending activation, with a huge push set to begin within weeks.

“I think it’s fair to say that we’re doing exceptionally well for a company that several people boldly proclaimed wouldn’t last more than two years, and here we are about to celebrate our fifth birthday in July with a very clear and open plan for the future that consists of investing millions of dollars in infrastructure to re-energise our entire business from the ground up”, said Mr. Giuffrida.

VentraIP Wholesale will soon begin offering wholesale web hosting services to its resellers and other services which the company has kept under wraps.

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Angelo is the co-CEO and one of VentraIP Australia's co-founders. His passion for the industry is only rivalled by his d...
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