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March 27 2018

Introducing Acronis Cloud Backup

PostedTuesday March 27th 2018

With VentraIP Australia’s annual customer survey wrapped up for another year and the winner of the DJI Mavic Pro drone drawn, it’s about time for us to reveal our most recent quality of life product update.

Making The Move To Acronis

We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to improve our range of products and services here at VentraIP Australia, with one of our most recent tasks involving our Technical Operations team researching an alternative backup solution with the aim of introducing more frequent backups and an easy to use interface that is accessible from within cPanel.

Today we’re happy to announce that after extensive research and rigorous testing, VentraIP Australia has made the decision to partner with backup software and disaster recovery specialist Acronis in an effort to continue offering customers a truly remarkable backup solution that is unrivalled in the Australian web hosting industry. 

Acronis vs R1Soft

As highlighted in our findings above, Acronis Cloud Backup completely outperformed R1Soft server backups in terms of merge times, total output, and overall efficiency, cutting the average backup time by nearly 100 minutes! We expect the move to Acronis will allow us to offer more frequent backups to all web hosting customers in the near future and provide a more robust backup solution in the long term.

Our hosting customers will be happy to hear that Acronis Cloud Backup is completed integrated with cPanel, making it easier than ever to quickly access website backups in an emergency.

If you’re using R1Soft with a VPS we’ll be making the transition to Acronis sometime over the next few weeks and you’ll be relieved to know that, unlike R1Soft, Acronis does not utilise HCP drivers and as such does not need to reboot when processing Kernel updates.

Feedback provided by our amazing customers allows us to continue growing our company and improving our range of products so we would like to encourage you to contact our Customer Care Department if you have any feedback for our management team or would like to see a new feature added to our range of products and services in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I restore website files using Acronis Cloud Backup?

How do I restore a database using Acronis Cloud Backup?

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