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January 30 2013

Introducing our new Dell cloud platform

PostedWednesday January 30th 2013

This February we will be bringing our brand new hosting platform in to production, powered by the latest Dell cloud hardware, which will be used to service all new and existing Economy, EconomyPLUS, Multi and MultiPLUS customers. The first phase of this upgrade has cost in excess of $300,000 and we will continue to expand the platform in the future.

But the new platform does not just mean new hardware. In fact, our new hosting platform is a complete shift in direction that has been formulated based on a mix of existing server configurations and new additions made possible due to technical training that members of our team have recently undertaken.

Some highlights of the new platform are:

  • New Dell cloud hardware: The hardware can make all the difference, and these new servers are built with speed and performance at the forefront featuring the very latest Intel Xeon E5 processors, DDR-III 1600MHz ECC memory, hardware RAID with SSD caching, and an all-SSD drive array. There is also dual power to every chassis running from both A and B feeds in the data centre.
  • VMWare base virtualisation: Our technical team are now able to monitor and manage our entire hosting platform through the use of vCenter as we are now a VMWare certified partner, with a number of our staff members now VMWare certified professionals.
  • CentOS 6: All of our new hosting nodes will operate from a Standard Operating Environment (SOE), with the base operating system of CentOS 6.
  • IOLimits and CageFS: These two elements of CloudLinux (where IOLimits can only be enabled in a CentOS 6 environment) will help further improve uptime and reliability. IOLimits helps to prevent customers overuse of disk IO (one of the most common causes of shared server outages), while CageFS creates a virtualised file system to effectively ‘cage’ each user off from one another, thereby preventing malicious scripts from being able to escalate user privledges, scan the server for vulnerabilities and viewing key system data for any abnormalities.

All of this will be in addition to the features all customers have available to them now (either included or an additional cost), such as CloudFlare, CloudLinux, AtMail 6 and SpamExperts Enterprise Spam Filtering.

Our existing customers will be migrated over the next three to four months, with new services being provisioned within the two weeks of February.

This is the first of many changes to the customer experience that we will be making this year, and if you have any questions regarding the new platform please feel free to post them here.

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