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September 20 2012
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Changes to our Terms of Service

PostedThursday September 20th 2012

Today we have published a new version of our Terms of Service, and it’s important for all customers to be aware of the changes that have been made. The updated Terms of Services will come in to affect immediately and will supersede any existing version that may exist.


Section 1: The definition of Account has been added.

  • Section 4: Small changes and re-wording to Section 4 relating to service and marketing emails being sent.
  • Section 5: Availability of Services re-wording to include Service Level Agreements
  • Section 6: Adding VentraIP Wholesale as the primary domain name registrar and removing legacy registrars. Re-wording of several sections to clarify the responsibility of domain name renewal notices.
  • Section 7: Re-wording of required information from the customer.
  • Section 10: Some re-wording for clarification of billing periods and service types. Late payment fee changed from $8.95 to $9.95 to reflect the costs of wage increases for dealing with overdue invoices.
  • Section 11: This is a new section that deals exclusively with refunds. It has been designed in accordance with industry standards and ACCC guidelines.
  • Section 12: Changes to the fee associated with restoring backup data for customers who do not have their own, now $49.95.
  • Section 14: Re-wording to highlight the emphasis of keeping backups, and a change to the backup restore fee, now $49.95.

The new Terms of Service will service retail customers only, as a new Terms of Service has been created for Wholesale customers.

A copy of the new Terms of Service can be found at



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