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November 9 2015
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Meet Maddison, our new Business Development Manager

PostedMonday November 9th 2015

As previously mentioned, there is a changing of the guard taking place at VentraIP Australia with a number of new appointments that we hope will bring a fresh approach to many areas of our business as we continue our extraordinary growth in 2016.

We’d like to introduce you to Maddison, our new Business Development Manager who comes to us from a completely different industry but with a strong background in sales, marketing, and building strong relationships with customers.

Maddison has been serving as a member of our Level 2 support team for the past three months as is mandatory for all new team members to ensure they understand the business and our customers before moving on to other roles. While he has learned a lot he is keen to put his skills to good use and this year will be responsible for our Customer Appreciation Week and will debut his first major promotion in December that we’re pretty sure our customers are going to really enjoy.

We sat down to ask Maddison a couple of questions to find out a little more about him.

How long have you been with the business for?

I’ve only recently joined the team at VentraIP Australia. With just three months under my belt I feel I can provide a fresh perspective coming in to my new role. It’s my aim to be a vital asset in ensuring our customers are provided some great offers, innovative marketing strategies and some fun deals over the coming years.

How will you build a stronger relationship with our customers?

I can’t go in to detail right now but let me assure you that 2016 is going to be a massive year for VentraIP Australia and even bigger and better for our customers! At this stage my plan is to implement a number of new incentive-driven programs focussed on customer feedback as well as some industry firsts so stay tuned for those. As I am working with the founders of the business I am learning a lot about what we’ve done in the past, what worked, what failed, and discussing what new avenues we can head down to create a greater suite of products and services that compliment our existing line-up.


Can we expect to see another Ventrasaurus?

Everybody knows that all good things come in threes, and our little Ventrasaurus friends are no exception! In 2016 you can expect to see the third and final addition to the Ventrasaurus family but I can’t tell you the type of dinosaur it will be just yet, but I can tell you that it’s going to be a little different.

What is your main goal for 2016?

Right now I’m focussing on getting through the end of 2015! My first real test will be Customer Appreciation Week followed by an epic summer promotion in December that’s never been done before! Moving on to 2016 my goal will be to produce the best promotions and value for money offers that our customers can really get behind and share them with their family and friends, as word of mouth advertising is what has built this business to what it is today and I think that we can take that to the next level. VentraIP Australia has a solid history of providing outstanding value and I want to continue that legacy. I’ll also be working with Daniel to better understand what it is our customers want and to tailor solutions and offers that go hand in hand with that.

When you’re not at work, what do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy fitness and spend quite a bit of time reading about the latest studies in that field. I’m also a massive nerd at heart! Amanda (my partner) and I spend a lot of our free time playing old school tabletop games, reading and watching shows on Netflix when we’re not out having a good time with our friends and family.

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