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May 9 2013
Company News

Network status update from our CEO

PostedThursday May 9th 2013

As some customers may be aware, over the past 36 hours our network has been subjected to a number of large-scale Distribute Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that had successfully crippled portions of our network for short periods of time.

While most of these attacks occurred in the early hours on Sunday morning, I feel that it is important to keep all customers (and onlookers) informed as to what happened and what we are doing about it as we have built our name on honesty and transparency in circumstances such as this.

Initially our technical team had some issues with bringing our DDoS mitigation service online which caused approximately 45 minutes of unexpected service degradation to a portion of customers, however once the issue was identified and corrected normal service resumed and our DDoS mitigation service took the strain. Since then we have successfully mitigated a number of subsequent attacks which only caused several minutes of service degradation while the mitigation service took over.

The matter has now been referred to the Australian Federal Police and AusCERT for investigation.

Early next month we will be issuing SLA credits to customers on our Business services irrespective of the fact that our SLA says that we exclude DDoS attacks as a cause.

Our technical team will continue to do everything within their power to maintain the stability and integrity of our network, and mitigate attacks of this nature as they happen as quickly as possible.




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