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May 23 2012
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Taking a big red roo to Thailand!

PostedWednesday May 23rd 2012

Over the next couple of days, our roving travelers Jesse and Mitch will be reporting to us live from at the Bangkok Hilton Hotel in Thailand!

Today is the first day of their journey, and for Mitch it’s the first time he’s ever been overseas, let alone on a big Qantas 747 for 9 hours.

We will be posting photos, updates and more as the boys give them to us, and we’ve asked them to grab as much corporate junk as they can possibly fit in their suitcases so that when they get home we can give it away to you.

Have you ever been to Thailand before? If so, do you have some recommendations on what to do while they are in Bangkok? Or anything you think they should avoid? Let us know in the comments below.


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