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13 Cameron Hall

Internal Systems Developer


Wearing Uggs To Work




Fire Fighting


Backend Development



Professional Bug Squasher

Can resolve bugs faster than the speed of light

Night Owl

Always stays up late

Big Spender

Really good at spending money

What role/s do you perform at VentraIP Australia?


I am a web applications developer at VentraIP, though I predominately work on the backend systems for our sister company Synergy Wholesale. My day-to-day involves; handling escalations, quality of life improvements, and spearheading the integration and development of new features and products.


Where can we find you on weekends?


I’ll happily spend the weekend quietly, at home – maybe catch a movie or meet up with friends. In the winter months, you’ll usually find me skiing at Mt Hotham. In summer you can find me training with my local fire brigade.


Do you have any phobias? If so what are they?


I really can’t stand spiders. I had one in my car the other night, it was only about the size of a 20 cent piece but it forced me to pull over and jump out of my car. I genuinely feel like they are out to kill me which is why I fear for my life whenever I see one.


Unpopular opinion: Which popular movie/TV show do you dislike?


I used to have a strong distaste for reality TV shows. As a kid I would be sitting and waiting for The Simpsons at 6pm every night. Then all of a sudden this Big Brother rubbish comes on and takes over… needless to say, I was quite upset! Although, I’ll admit reality TV has been growing on me. You bet I came into work everyday ready to gossip about the latest MAFS episode!


What is the best part of the VentraIP Australia office?


The cafe is amazing! The coffee that comes from it definitely helps me get through the day. The swing set is also great fun, it’s a nice place to relax and, if you’re feeling brave you might try to touch the roof – just make sure Cheyne isn’t watching.