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29 Jack Hawke

Customer Service Manager


Mixed Martial Arts




Walking Stamina


Car Driving



Outstanding customer service

Goes above & beyond


Single-handedly keeping the black jeans industry alive

Freelance website designer

Brings websites to life

Describe your role/s at VentraIP Australia


I’m responsible for all aspects of our customer service, which includes the implementation of systems, processes and procedures that impact on our customer’s experience. I also manage our customer service and support teams, as well as our technical team leaders. Essentially my role revolves around making sure our customers are happy, providing a customer focus on company decisions, and ensuring our customer-facing teams are providing the world-class customer service and support that we’re known for.


You have a first class ticket to anywhere in the world – where are you headed?


It’s my goal to visit as many countries as possible, so I’d probably just be looking to go anywhere that I haven’t been yet. I’ve spent a decent amount of time in Europe, so I think I’d like to head to Japan next. It seems like a super interesting place, and I’ve only heard really good things from friends that have been there.


Up early or out late?


Usually I’m more of a morning person, so, up early. I’m known to frequently wake up as early as 4AM. I just love the feeling of being up and accomplishing something before everyone else starts to wake up, like any pending work or going to the gym. Though I still enjoy being out late too, which is not an amazing combination.


What is the most exciting thing you’ve ever done?


That would probably be the Nevis Swing and Nevis Bungy in Queenstown, New Zealand. The bungy is the highest bungy jump in all of New Zealand, and the swing is a giant swing over a big canyon – highly recommended.


What is the best part of the VentraIP Australia office?

It’s hard to pick any one thing! I’d say it’s the environment in general. A lot of things contribute to that environment, like all of the regular events that are held like Gold Class movie nights, the amazing staff and everyone working as a team, the food that’s prepared for us every day, etc.