16 Kris Buckby

Technical Team Leader




Video Game Nerd







Customer Service

Outstanding and empathetic customer service


Loves space and the universe


Repairing and tinkering with technology

Describe your role/s at VentraIP Australia

I’m one of the Technical Team Leaders, so I look after half of the Help Desk crew – TS2. I focus on getting everything running as smooth as possible, and taking customer and staff feedback and relaying it to our employees. I also train our new staff.


You have a first class ticket to anywhere in the world. Where are you headed?


Probably back to the UK where all my family are from – I didn’t get to experience it much as a kid. I would like to go back as an adult to actually do some stuff. I was the only one in my family to be born in Australia at the time. I’d love to visit the places where my family and grandparents lived in Essex.


What is the most important attribute that you bring to your job?


I would say patience and empathy for customers – understanding the situations that customers are in and having the patience to hear them out. I like to gather all of the information and propose the right solution. Some people can struggle with delivering the right solution. Allowing people to vent their frustrations and being able to listen to them and support them is important.


What is your favourite genre of movie?


It’s a bit of a niche – the 90’s action genre like Bad Boys and all the cop movies from back then. All terrible movies, but you either love or hate them and I love them. I grew up with all of that stuff and it just stuck with me.


What is the best part of the VentraIP Australia office?


Louis’ (the cafe) is pretty damn amazing, you can hang out with people and get your food. It’s where the least amount of work in the whole office is done, it acts as a kind of getaway/hang out spot. It looks very out of place in an office, so it takes you away from the workplace in a sense.