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39 Peter Charalambous

Internal Systems Developer








Food Critic



Profession Bug Squasher

Can resolve bugs with his mind


Can backflip while performing a bottle flip on demand


Can turn any ingredients into an edible meal.

What role/s do you perform at VentraIP Australia?


I am an internal systems developer. I work on both front and back end development and make sure that everything is optimised and working as it should be. This includes writing code for our website and making necessary changes so that our customers are getting a good experience.

In my spare time I usually find myself adding to our confluence guides, which we use to help us with sorting out certain issues.

I have picked up a lot since starting at VentraIP and I am looking forward to my future here.


Unpopular opinion: What popular movie/TV show do you dislike?


This may be a very unpopular opinion (especially around the office) but I actually don’t like Game of Thrones. In all honesty I did try to get into by watching the first season, but after that I just couldn’t get excited about the show. It is really overhyped in my opinion and I hope nobody hates me now that I’ve said this.


You have a first class ticket to anywhere in the world, where are you headed?


I would love to go to Japan again. When I was there the first time everything was just so clean and the people were so nice. I would really like to do some travel around the top half of the country and visit Mount Fuji. I also can’t talk highly enough about the food, especially the sushi which is so much better over there (although more expensive).


What did you want to be when you grew up?


I was a lab coat kind of guy, always playing with different science kits I had growing up. I was really into chemistry, physics and biology but it all changed when I went to highschool. Not going to name names, but a couple of teachers I had completely killed science for me. Luckily, I was also a fan of IT which has worked out pretty well for me.


What power would you most like to have and why?


A pretty niche one, but the power to refill and empty things. I have actually had some conversations regarding powers in the past and this one seems pretty flawless.
I would refill my bank account, my petrol and even fill someone’s bladder if I wanted them to leave, there is limitless potential.


What is the best part of the VentraIP Australia office?


Culture 100%. Just the fact that everyone gets along and treats each other well. It is a really rare environment that you don’t get anywhere else (from my experience). VentraIP Australia really is the place to be.